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Saldenah Mas-K Club 2007 Band Launch "Rainforest"
Date: Saturday 19th May 2007
Location: Ramada Hotel. 185 Yorkland Blvd. Toronto
Promotions: Louis Saldenah Mask Club
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Trini Jungle Juice was on de scene for another band launching and this round it was Louis Saldenah Mask Club showcasing their 2007 Caribana "Rainforest" presentation.

Not wanting to miss any of the action TJJ arrived on scene around 11:30pm and being one of the bigger bands that delivers quality costumes year after year, it was no surprise that the crowd was out in full effect. With music provided by D’Enforcas it was no surprise that the fete was already in full swing. Costumes were presented to the crowd around 12:30am with the models doing an excellent job of showcasing the vibrant costumes that were tied in with the Rainforest theme. We hope allyuh was taking notes cause with sexiness like this on the road... we’re sure this band is sure to fill up fast fast!

Many thanks to the Saldenah camp for allowing TJJ to share in unveiling of Rainforest. See you on the road!

For more information, check out Saldenah's website at

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