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Shine III "The Ultimate Outa Body Experience"
Date: Monday 28th May 2007
Location: De River Nightclub. Queens, NY
Promotions: Back to Basics
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After a well-needed good night's rest, TJJ Crew headed to Queens for Shine III at De River nightclub. When we saw how hard it was to find a park, we knew there were plenty people on de inside. As we made our way inside, we were greeted by the sexy ladies in white shorts and striped tops. We said our Hello's and went straight in.

We did our usual walk-around and checked out the venue. There were two floors plus a huge rooftop patio. As we walked around, we found the TJJ NY Crew on the rooftop and started the fete one time. After taking a wine on de roof top, we headed to the second floor where we noticed de food section…..yums! … well worth that $10!

On this floor DJs Foreign Bass and Sound... Sound... Sound... Sound City had de party real hype and the crowd was going out-of-control. It got so hot that we decided to grab a drink. But the bars were too crowded, so we made a U-turn and headed back to de bacchanal! Everyone was getting real dutty & wet from the powder & the foam blowing in the air. And of course the TJJ girls were right up in dat! Look at we pants, Dutty... look at we shoes, Dutty! In the middle of the action we see ah man with powder on his face and a panty on his head (yes, ah panty)..... we didn't even want to ask the details behind dat story! The roof top & 2nd floor was rocking so hard that, the floor was shaking... pure madness! (remember Rose Castle?)

We then headed to the first floor to hear Natural Freaks, DJ Starting from Scratch all de way from Toronto & of course Back to Basics... dey had de crowd getting on too bad! Natural Freaks then went on the mic & asked everyone to face the door. We heard "Open de gate"... DJ start playing Machel's "Jumbie" .... and in appears ah whole set of Moko Jumbies doing all kinda acrobatic movements & ting... "me say dip in de center, do de jumbie dance" .... waaaaaa!! There was alota hype in dis fete and we were loving every minute of it! The music was amazing except for the power outages - they were trying to give the people so much bass that they shorted the power! Club Manager, turn off all de lights and done! All we need is music! We don't need to see who we wining on... we just need to feel it! Yes, all we need is music!

Although the fete was scheduled to end at 4pm, they extended it to 6pm! NICENESS! Dat is wat we talking bout. Good music, good people, good vibes.... who can ask for anything more?? We were feting like it was Carnival time again. Could you imagine what Labor Day 2007 is going to be like? Stay tuned!

Big up Back to Basics for all the love & for ending our Memorial Weekend right. We had a damn good time!! We coming back for Shine IV next year for sure! Next stop La Guardia Airport to drop off our visiting TJJ DC rep (who we will be seeing in NY come next weekend)!