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Shine NY meets Rise & Shine Miami 2007
Date: Friday 5th October 2007
Location: Nocturnal Rooftop. Miami, FL
Promotions: DJ Back to Basics and Giselle The Wassi One
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What are the makings of a good Breakfast Party?

From TJJ’s entrance around 4am to our 2pm departure, it was clear, this party was ON from the GET GO. In short, best Breakfast Party ever .... dat had no breakfast!! Somebody say de driver wit de breakfast lose his GPS ... lol.

At our arrival, DJ Stephen from ATL was up, followed by DJ Hazzard (DC) & Giselle De Wassi One who all got de massive ready for what was to come. For all de DJs that were there ... much respect ... but boy, de original party rocker Back to Basics (B2B) ... dat Ricardo ... de man hotter than fyah!! We even doubt Bunji de 'Fireman' could out dat fire! B2B rel rel bad ... big up boss! And DJ Stephen did such a good job ... he get to play twice. These guys and GAL meant BUSINESS and had a singular objective - to send infectious nonstop beats thru every single body in the intimate rooftop setting of Nocturnal. Imagine people partying from 5am in de morning and literally do not want to leave at 2pm in de afternoon. Nonstop wining and arms in de air. At times we just had to stand back and watch in awe as the relationship between audience and DJ - DJ after DJ after DJ - kept building. Fus time inna long time, we were so ready to be obedient ... (pause for reflection). Large up to the other deejays on the inside... Natural Freaks, House Arrest, Elegance Sounds (and our homeboy from the T-DOT)... big up! Vibesman Redman... we ent forget ya... ya dehya!

The Boss aka Iwer George, who was also in de mix and throwin' waist, was right when he sing many years ago ... "Ah Woman in front an ah Man behind ... bet yuh life ya bong to wine!" Well guess what? Iz real waist throw in dat party!!! Even Pauline (who like to text) had to put de phone ‘way cuz is waist throwing for so. And could somebody please tell us what Ronnie McIntosh doing in de Breakfast party? Ent... Ent? After doing ah lil' ting on de mic, in which he was well received, de man get right back in de crowd.

And why everybody in de party was in 'Yellow' .... except the TJJ Crew!! Ammmm, excuse us promoters..... we did not get the memo!! It was from yellow socks, to shoes, to pants, to t-shirts, to hand bags, to hats to even shades.... yes, yellow shades .... geez an ages. Speaking of memo's, how come only two certain members of the TJJ crew (Lia and Nic we not calling any names) get breakfast at 12 o'clock??? Promoters, we need de memo whether is ah Breakfast Party or ah Brunch Party?

All in all, the party was well organize and uneventful (no bacchanal). Well except for two things.... 1) When de white boy, who was very polite, keep asking for ah dance.... saying, "Excuse me, I am a professional dancer.... will you like to dance with me?" And as the party went on and he fed up of hearing 'no boy' all morning long .... steupes .... de man try to take ah wine on someting ............ next ting yuh know ......... is security escorting de man out, yes!! Pressure.... poor fella. He probably throw ah cent or five cent when he was suppose to be throwing ah dolla...... hahahahahahah..... and 2) When the DJ's announce that the fetters park in the wrong parking lot..... is pace..... if yuh see people scampering out de dance to go and move dey car.

Oh yes, finally a breakfast party outside of Trini that starts on time!! Dat ‘fore-day’ morning feel of darkness giving way to light and de hot fire-truckin' sun ... yummy ... what a slice of Carnival heaven!! Without a doubt SHINE shone. So for 2008, we dey from 3am if dey say so.... at least we could park early!!

p.s. Without a doubt a F-enomenal party... so who the hell needed breakfast?

p.s.s But wait, is dat the lengendary Signal-To-Noise in de fete?

Joy Juice and Shars for the TJJ fam

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