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Photos by Pauline R.
Soca Cowboys & Cowgirls 3
Date: Monday 8th October 2007
Location: Il Castello (Soca Castle). 41 NW 20th Street. Miami, FL
Promotions: Real Production Asylum, East Coast Caribbean Events, Irish Ent, Mad Bull Ent.
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After an action-packed and exhausting weekend, I looked forward to attending Soca Cowboys and Cowgirls cool down fete at the Soca Castle. For ah peace of mind, I arrived early to ensure a park in close proximity to to the venue. Is now I ready for a good party and plenty jammin'. As I entered, I made a b-line to the free food and was served a plate of bake n saltfish.... one of my favorite treats. It was so tasty ah had to ask who made it. Thanks Lisa, it was sweeeeet!!!!

EARLY WARM. It was early still so I chatted a bit with some friends from Maraval in the cool room at the Castle. FYI, try not to fall asleep around them... they find it very amusing and will make you the topic of conversation. Right Edmond? No I ent fall asleep at de fete, it was one of the promoters knocked out on d couch.... lol. While I waited for my friends to arrive I lounged on a white fabric, draped canopied bed positioned outside in the shade and enjoyed a tasty bake n shark.The pleasant island like breeze was most enjoyable. Finally, they arrived and joined me in the shade. Jokes for days when we spotted a little man - about 3 or 4 years old - carrying a bag his size full of Styrofoam containers from his parent's car to set up. We couldn't even see his face... it was comical and way too cute! Little man was helping assemble and carrying things with a big grin on is lil' face. My belly was already full by the time the family of five and ½ set up their stand, so ah couldn't sample the fresh off the grill jerk chicken with rice and peas.

Let's talk about the fete....

MUSIC. The DJ lineup had my interest so I knew it would be the event for me to get one last jam in before heading back to New York. DJ lineup included Sound City, Back to Basics, Eternal Vibes, DJ Spice, House Arrest, DJ Hazzard and Close Connection Crew. Passing through were DJ Anonymous from New York, DJ Stephen from Atlanta, DJ Nemesis from DC. Could you ask for a better line up than that? No way, these guys are super talented and could mash-up any event. Showing support were promoters Natalie from Sugarcane and crew, Clem and crew from Army Boys and Big and Strong.

CELEBS. You had multitalented Soca/RnB/Dancehall artist Gailann and popular MC/Soca artist Giselle The Wassi One enjoying the cool vibes.

VIBES. Zoelah's "Go Down Low" had ah few people well going down low. Ah had a wine or two with a few of my Miami peeps and one under toasted winer boy. De women were going mad for his wine.... lol. Bringing sexy back were four NY ladies looking fabulous and sexy in their outfits. Coordinating the Western Attire theme of the party by wearing Cowboy hats and sexy tops, all eyes were on them. I loved seeing people laughing and having ah great time with friends. It was a fun and cool fete to attend before heading back to the New York grind.

Thanks for the memories guys!

Pee for the TJJ fam.

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