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Soca Rave 2k7
Date: Sunday 5th August 2007
Location: Palazzo Entertainment Complex. Toronto
Promotions: Uncle 'B' Entertainment, & the Soca Boyz in assoc. with Heineken & Aquafina
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The People's Fete!

So TJJ reach de parking lot just after 12am, jus in time to see all de other fete-go'ers parking an joinin' de line. The line up was rhel long outside Palazzo Nightclub but there was no stickin' at de door, so ah got inside pretty quickly... an ah mean, that is de kinda ting we like to see ;-)

Palazzo had 6 rooms available with non-stop music including an outdoor area that was well-equipped with "FOAM" ... yes I said it!! For de first time ever, Soca Rave introduced foam to de party!!!!!!! Lawd.... talk about pressure dred. Ah believe there was about 7 bars inside this club..... there might have been more but those were the ones that ah came across hehe!! So with that many bars yuh know that there wasn't no big line up, so people done tight wayyyyy before the bar ready to close off.

In de house we had the pleasure of hearing de biggest chunes played by Soca Monarchs, Soca Sweetness, Marxman, Dr. Jay, D'Enforcas, Crystal Vibez, West Indian Connection, The Original Paradise Soundcrew, DOC, First Class, DJ Spinz, DJ BASS, Audio Ambassadors, Breakdown and DJ Shiva. Tearin' up de mic from room to room we heard de voices of Tricky, E-Man, Dirty Des, Brenton B and S.K.F. Also addin' to de vibes was ah iron section and tassa band!!!

Now yuh know we couldn't leave de party without capturing some sweet performances. On the inside performing live were Biggie Irie ("Nah Going Home"), Shurwayne Winchester ("Alequa"), Nadia Batson ("Caribbean Girl"), Kerwin Du Bois ("Party Rocker"), Blazer Dan ("Be Mine Tonight"), Ghetto Flex ("What Ah Want (Water Man)"), Rikki Jai ("Las' Band") and Adesh Samaroo ("Mash You Up").

De party went until about 6am ~ the inside was closed but the fetin' still continued in the outdoor patio where de foam was all ova' de place. Ah ketch some rhel nice vibes on the patio, nothing but sweet music to my ears. Once de party done an people finally started lookin' like they ready to leave, de party then moved over to de blasted parking lot!!!! Yuh see wha ah mean when ah say PRESSURE dred!!! LOL

See allyuh next year!

Mizz Kayz for the TJJ fam

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