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Soca Under De Mistletoe - The Annual Christmas Fete
Date: Saturday 1st December 2007
Location: Embers Banquet Hall. Toronto
Promotions: D'Soca Prophets
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Weatherman sayin' first winter storm for 2K7 on its way but you think dat stop us? Nah boy, foot hot fuh so and next ting we know we end up at the annual Soca Under De Mistletoe fete presented by up & coming promoters D'Soca Prophets (the Saldenah Boys). TJJ arrived on scene relatively early, and as always first ting we do is hit de bar, find ah spot an survey de scenes.

On de inside startin’ off the Xmas season with de right sounds were Dr. Jay and Soca Sweetness alongside E Man who kept de vibe sweet. Now this party started out like ah typical high school party, everybody pose up on ah wall or jus limin' on de outskirts, but once de vibe started picking up and de big chunes hit de turntables, there was no longer space on de dance floor. People started filling up all de empty spaces with ah wine here and ah juk there, where as de music was flowed from Reggae to Soca, Soca to Ole School, Ole School to Parang.

De party went on until about 3:30AM, but after everyone finally ketch ah vibe they were still beggin' for more, ah mean we love we Soca yes! So de doctor in de business, Dr. Jay, helped fill de need for more and played a few more, up until de lights came on and security was kicking everyone ou. We SLOWLY we began to chip out de door, dreading cleaning off de snow on our cars and dealing with de drive ahead.

We've never been to this venue before, and the word is that it has been used back in de day, but with it's renewed look, it certainly brought out a lot of new faces accompanied by a nice vibe. On top of everything, de concept was sweet because whole night de TJJ crew was looking for ah mistletoe to stand up under hehehehe!!!! Muuuuuuuuah :-)

p.s. How could we forget, a smallie roll up in de dance with her Victoria Secrets yes! Good Gosh!! We're sure you'll spot which pics we talkin' bout! ;-)

Mizz Kayz for the TJJ fam.