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Toronto Caribbean Connection "Fusion"
Date: Saturday 2nd June 2007
Location: Sugar Lounge. Toronto
Promotions: Toronto Caribbean Connection (Mervyn Skeete)
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Caribana 2007 is fast approaching and everywhere you go people only asking one question, "Which band yuh playing with dis year?" Seems like an easy question but with so many beautiful bands to choose from it becomes a difficult one to answer, but in true TJJ style we have to check them ALL out, so the next stop on the TJJ Band Launch train was at Toronto Caribbean Connection 2007 presentation called "Fusion".

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We arrived at the Sugar Lounge at 11pm, just in time to experience the build up of the excitement to see the costumes. The band's leader, Mervyn Skeete, did an amazing job in choosing the venue... it was just the right size to showcase the sections of Fusion. After mingling, a couple of drinks and taking in the DJ's selections it was time for the revealing.

After a quick introduction of a dance performance, Fusion was presented. There are seven sections, all vibrant in colour and spectacularly designed, they are:

Primrose Path
Indigo Power
Solar Energy
Encounters in Pink

The event was fun and the costumes were great. Thanks to the Mervyn and the Toronto Caribbean Connections for allowing TJJ to experience the first glimpse of Fusion. Their Mas Camp is on 34 Golden Gate Court, Unit 4 in Scarborough (3 lights south of 401 off Brimley Road) go check them out!

The next event for Toronto Caribbean Connection is their Blocko on June 30th at the Mas Camp. See you there.