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Photos by P. Choo Quan / J. Simmons
TRIBE 2008 Band Launch "Myths & Magic"
Date: Saturday 28th July 2007
Location: Pier 1 Car Park. Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Promotions: TRIBE Carnival
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TRIBE, TRIBE, TRIBE...... What more can we say?

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Tribe's Band Launch for their 2008 presentation of "Myths & Magic" was one of the most highly anticipated events for the summer and it did not disappoint. Hosted this year at Pier 1, Chaguaramas this event unofficially marked the beginning of Carnival 2008, and if we can take this as a sample of what is to come then we should all be looking forward to February.

But "out ah Carnival an back 2 d Fete" the night began with a special V.I.P. and Media Launch which was hosted by RED 96.7 FM's On Air Personality "Blaze". We were introduced to the Band Leader, Dean Ackin, and given a brief history of the band and its plans for 2008. Models from 6 of the band's 16 sections strutted their stuff in front of us, showing off the designs of Gail Cabral, Lana Nobrega and Monique Nobrega.

After the Media Launch the gates were opened and the ocean of anxious patrons who were patiently waiting outside flowed in; filling the venue with a true representation of Trinbagonian beauty. If the guys were dressed to impress, we must say that the ladies were dressed to kill and they had no problem showing off their style too our photographers.

The DJ's had the crowd going with all the Soca we needed including those we hadn't heard in a while. The theory of hearing more than 80% Soca in a party in July may seem insane to some, but it was well received by the audience who jumped, danced and pranced along.

Our attention was drawn to the stage when Blazer Dan made an appearance rendering several of his hits to the now swelling crowd. Up next Mr. Slaughter entertained us, with the place really heating up with his 2007 hit "Spread The Love (Soca In Meh Blood)".

Then came the feature presentation of the night, as Tribe officially unveiled its 2008 package to the public. The "Myths And Magic" presentation personified both glitz and glamour. The well shaped (and when we say well, we really mean well) and toned models confidently stepped up to the stage and did their thing. All 16 sections were represented from "Titania" to "Water Nymph" to "Mystique" and "Silver Mist".

The stage presentation was top notch with the accompanying music keeping us entertained and pyrotechnics to take your breath away, with one model even performing a David Blaine type levitation trick. Just when we thought the presentation was over, all the models reappeared on stage for a last jump.

Things were going great (with enough eye candy on-stage to give us all cavities .... chuckle chuckle chuckle) then from under the stage former Soca Monarch and Road March winner Shurwayne Winchester appeared and sent the audience and Tribe models into a frenzy with his arsenal of hits. So with the stage show over we went back to partying hard, and with the complimentary drinks now marinating amongst the crowd, the people all moved more freely.

All hands were raised when David Rudder's "Our Father" belted out from the speakers and we surely walked and wined "A Mile and a Half" with "Tay Lay Lay". With true Caribbean love we "Hula Hooped" and did the "Dollar Wine" without regard to creed and race.

Back in the V.I.P. we were pleased to see a host of local celebrities and dignitaries including the honourable Howard Chin Lee, fashion guru Peter Elias and West Indies Pacer Mervyn Dillion. Also present were many models including some from Synergy TV's reality show and personnel from the country's various media houses.

Rather unexpectedly veteran Soca Star K.M.C. ran on-stage and began ringing out hit after hit with the crowd singing along every time he sang acapella. Later on it was time for Hypa Hoppa (RED 96.7 FM/Radioactive Sound) to do his part as he rallied the '07 Tribe crew and took us back to the streets of Port-of-Spain on Carnival Tuesday and gave all those in the crowd who aren't with Tribe reasons to get registered for '08.

OVERALL, IT MUST BE SAID THAT THE EVENT WAS A SUCCESS WITH LITTLE OR NO PROBLEMS TO REPORT. The attention to detail in the party impressed us as Pier 1 seemed transformed (like Bumble Bee in Transformers) to a magic filled land where the real winners were the real winers. The bars were well staffed and the bathroom and parking facilities up to par. There was also a large visible security presence both inside and outside. Also there were no reports of heavy traffic congestion afterwards.

As the photo would show, the band launch was fun for all of those in attendance. The ladies really did represent and Tribe looks on their way to a successful 2008. If you're interested in playing with them, visit their website

Thanks to the Tribe Crew for having and hosting us, we look forward to your next event!

Young Simmo for the TJJ Fam

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