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Photos by Natasha Mc
7th All Inclusive University Fete 2007 Pt. 2
Date: Saturday 6th October 2007
Location: Calder Race Course. Miami Gardens, FL
Promotions: Upbeat Promotions Inc.
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Saturday evening... mankind and womankind now waking up from dey Friday Night Free Drinks Fete induced comas. And in other cases, the real hard-core fetters now reaching home from ah breakfast party! With a few All Inclusive choices, the TJJ Blue team will be making it's way to the annual University Fete. So de price is premium, but we done know that de package is as well. This University Fete have reputation dating back to de days of Rat Race Carnival in T&T... (if ya cyah remember yuh too young to party and if you do remember, then yuh know that they set de trend in All Inclusive). Anyhow, is real hussle and bussle to get up and get people out de door cause we want to reach while is still Day.... dat is why dey call it Day Fete right? And of course all de folks that trying to get dey dullas worth of Premium food and drinks. "Oh gosh why yuh want tuh go Pollo Tropical? Yuh forget is University we going?

As we make a turn into the Calder Race Course (the new temporary home of University Fete'07), we see a sign that read "FETE THIS WAY" ... Ok good, we in de right place. We loved the fact that there was plenty plenty free parking, a bonus!!! Dem people in de massive yellow truck (look like dey come to move mountains) musta personally thank de parking attendant! OK car parked, we now ready to go in.

In de usual fine fashion, we were met by the most lovely University Fete ladies at the door. That is marketing... beautiful woman in tank tops win! All now so we waiting for de "Ladies of University Fete" calendar tuh come out!! ;-) We now inside, saying our hello's, mingling, wining and of course taking pictures. ;-) As a note, de venue say race track, but it more like de winners circle dat it was setup in. De venue was actually very nice as a good part of de building interior was used. De outside had a nice setup, part paved walkways and part grass. Tents for de rain and ah nice fauna back drop.

So a funny feeling come over de crew about de same time... oh yeah we didn't stop at Pollo fuh de chicken on de grill. People ent eat fuh de day/night. Plus you know taking pictures does work an appetite, so we b-line it straight to the food section. We noticed the food section was not as elaborate as it was in previous years, but we saw that they had Lo Mien & BBQ Chicken (yummm, exactly what we were craving for). So we belly full fuh de hour, so next stop front stage. Hype done start to spread how Rikki Jai & Barron were about to go on. If you don't know, you heard it here... his highness Samraj "Rikki" Jai, de Prince of Soca Chutney does real mash up de place!!! Two words... "Mor Tor" and people bare back and gone mad!! It was classic after classic hit and if you see dem women fighting for these men’s attention.... lawd geez! We couldn't believe our eyes. Iwer George, Skhi and 3 Canal were also in de place singing both their older & latest hits. Not forgetting, Blaxx from Roy Cape who performed right in the crowd stage side. "Look at meh pants….. dutty, look at meh shoe….. dutty, look at meh t-shirt….. dutty, and even you!" De crowd was outta control, truly enjoying de show. In between the performances, the crowd was well entertained by DJ Spice, DJ Hans and Gonzo, MC’s Vibesman Redman, Wendel (Close Connections) and CG (TnT 94.7FM).

Another fine tradition, we were escorted out of de Race Track by ah massive tassa & steel pan side. As we hear de riddim, we swear St. Mary's (CIC) now win de Intercol and we was leaving de National Stadium (everybody else were probably imagining it was another school)! We followed the sweet sounds all de way to de parking lot, where de party seemed to have broken out into another full scale fete. Man trunk start to open and more drinks pouring again, yes! After all, is only 11:30pm and we still gearing up to go. The perfect way to end a fete.

Thank you Upbeat Promotions for having us and for the love you continue to show Trini Jungle Juice. We can't wait for University Fete 2008! Next stop on de Fetalotathon® ... Friends.

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