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Diamond Vale Style Breakfast Party
Date: Sunday 2nd September 2007
Location: The Island. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Subie & Friends
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"Where yuh going next?" was the question everyone as asking as they strolled out of Amnesia minutes after 7pm. And the replies where all the same, "Subie & Friends fete over at The Island!" So it's 8pm, and we now rolling out of one breakfast party and into ah next! Gotta love Brooklyn!

Like last year, we received warm greetings at the entrance from a bunch of cuties rocking their Subie & Friends sliced up tees. Mornin' Mornin'… and inside we go. The Island RAM out! First things first, "Auntie, fix we up with some Sunday food please." Right nice… de food was certainly on point. Next stop, "Bartender, bring drinks!" We had to purchase our drink chits first, but it wasn't long before we had some cold Carib beers in hand.

The fete had a nice friends and family vibes to it, but at times, we felt like it needed a lil' bit more energy... like everyone was bun from all day fetting, yes!! The original party rocker Back to Basics was working over crowd with his groovy selections, and gave the crowd a nice taste of the emerging Soca tunes from the other islands. He rinsed out the Crop Over 2k7 big tunes like Mr. Dale's "Soka Junkie" together with Machel's "Wining Season" and Patrice Robert's "Assume The Position" before guest artist Farmer Nappy got on the top deck (over looking the party) to sing his latest release "Chippin'". And for those of you that still not sure about the lyrics for the song, it's "own woman" and not "ole woman" right… yeah we asked Nappy himself.

GB God Bless kept the vibes going, with Redman controlling the mic of steel. It was time to do some more mingling and top off we drinks…. oh yeah, and tek some Kodak moments! Hehe. Wait nah, MTV Tempo in de dance too… look ting! VJ Jeanille Bonterre and a mini media crew were recording some of the action to be aired on TEMPO in the near future. When TEMPO and Trini Jungle Juice de session…. yuh know everything cook n curry!

Local personalities Kernel Roberts (HD), Ziggy Rankin and TnT pannist Dane Gulston were also on the inside enjoying themselves, so we had ah good feeling that there were going to be more surprises in store. BINGO! Our Spidey senses never fails us… Dane Gulston treated partygoers to a wicked rendition of Machel Montano and Vybz Kartel's "Hold You Tonight" on his tenor pan. And it wasn't too long before the melodies of Machel's "Jumbie" could be heard buzzing thru The Island as Gulston continued to jam on his shinny steelpan... JUMBIE, JUMBIE DEM.... RAH!!!!! We love it!

Around 11:30pm (2 and a half hours after the scheduled lock off time… again, gotta love Brooklyn), it was a wrap! Music off, lights on, goodnight Simpsons! Of course we had to buss ah small lime before de nite was officially over. Folks if you still guessing, please add Subie & Friends Diamond Vale Style Breakfast Party to your NY Labor Day schedule for 2008.

Chooks aka Daddy Juice

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