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Photos By A. George, K. Celestine & T. Kareem
Private Launch of Alchemy Night Club & Lounge
Date: Friday 24th October 2008
Location: Alchemy Night Club & Lounge. 8-10 Tragarete Road. Newtown, Port-of-Spain. Trinidad
Promotions: Alchemy's Management Team
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Allya remember the days when we use to go Strand cinema and watch movies? Well that theatre is now one of Trinidad's latest night club/lounge and is called "ALCHEMY". Yep, you heard me. On Friday 24th October, they held a media launch and the TJJ family had to represent.

Alchemy night club has three distinct settings. One being the state of the art smoke-free dance floor. Yes people smok -free, so you don't have to worry about leaving the club and smelling like you smoked a couple packs well for the night. Then the balcony, and my favorite part of the club, has to be the terraced Rooftop over looking the busy streets of Port-of-Spain and the city lights. It was beautiful and let's not forgetting the club’s waterfalls. Part of the night's presentation had two men blowing fire from the waterfalls ... imagine that (photo)!

Some differences to the club that I like is that each level has it's own bar. The staff was very warm and friendly in giving information about the club. The restrooms had a naked lady to represent the female restrooms and the opposite for the men's. Ladies you would love the restrooms talk about mirrors, they really catered for us and it was spanking clean too. They even had the cleaner on standby just in case we made a mess. Can't say what went on in the gents ... I’m a female, lol.

The night was pumping as the DJs Porn Star, 360 degrees and Rapid Response had the crowd with there different genres of music. The crowd consisted of both young and mature alike, whom all seemed to be feeling the party vibes. Everybody was able to mingle alongside the local celebrities such as Kees, Fireball and lots more. The club has a friendly zone atmosphere.

I know you're wondering the cost of entry to the club, but they work by a guest list system .. so you need to call 868-624-1757, probably even check Facebook and stay tuned to TJJ's Events Listing (

Alchemy is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, usual club time 10pm – till. On Wednesdays, you could check out "JetBlu Wednesdays" where the ladies dress up like air-hostess and they have a lil' fun time with the crowd. On Fridays, it's "Forbidden Fridays". So peoples, be sure to check out T&T newest night club ... you would enjoy yourself! Remember the name - "ALCHEMY" - located at 8-10 Tragarate Road, Newtown, Port-Of-Spain. Yes, same place where Strand use to be!!

To Mr. Jean-Paul Pouchet & the entire Alchemy Management Team, thanks for having us.

Your party girl,
Kadesha ... muah!