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Blink "The Return"
Date: Saturday 29th March 2008
Location: Big Fish, Miami FL
Promotions: Hybrid Events
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Blink is one of those South Florida events that doesn't seem to have a regular schedule. You never know when the next one will be, and sometimes can't remember when the last one was. But one thing you do know when you hear that it's on... you know folks add it to their social calendar!

So when TJJ heard that it was back on March 29th, we say it's a good time to return to Blink - The Return. We had all intentions of arriving no later than 1am, but of course you know we ent reach till all kinda 1:30-ish. With so much construction going on in Downtown Miami, if you don't go for like 3 days a new 47 storey condo building couldn't stand where once was an empty space, or a street that once lead to a parking lot could now by blocked off, BUT if it's one thing that hasn't changed yet is them two big empty lots just walking distance from the Big Fish restaurant. However, one thing that has changed is the PRICE OF PARKING!! When the first attendant told us $15 we immediately backed out of that lot quick fast cussing under our breath, we say might as well valet for that much.... WRONG, $25! This time we cursed above we breath!! So we see a street where folks are parking on the grass, nice, we too. Eh heh, here comes some dude with cards in his hand ... $10! Ten dollars to park on a strip of grass by the side of the road, you've got to be kidding me! But we pay it, cause even though these guy have no claim to charge for parking, nor do the guys that open up those big lots, we ent want to see what go happen to the car if we play bad and jus walk off - so it's for peace of mind.

So right, we here to party and finally we reach in the party. Last time here for Big Phat Fish we noticed some changes had been made, and this time again we noticed more changes. First up, the entrance way is now draped in red fabric creating a nice effect. The owners real spruce up the place nice, and the party has kinda shifted from right to left. Before, you walked in, and to the right was the stage area where the DJs would be under the tent, the open dance floor area, the elevated VIP area and the main bar. Those are all still there, but now the DJ tent has been moved closer to the main entrance just across from the main bar. This kind of puts the DJ right in the middle of the party. Over by the dance floor area now has couches spread around making for a more 'loungey' feel. In my opinion, the dance floor was missed. Although those lovely ladies chilling on the couches were pleasing to the eye, one can't help but feel that those who came to cut a rug were left wanting. But say what, ah does miss crossing the stage in the Savannah for Carnival but does still enjoy meh Monday and Tuesday well enough.

So with this change, the crowd to the left of the party was larger and more folks congregated there, and so that's where we lime'd too. With the DJ's new location, they were able to see more of the crowed than before and better able to react to the reactions to their selections. There was a real good mix of music on the night ... it's one of those parties where everything is played. So one session will have Munga, another will have Rihanna and you even hear some B.B.D. We have to say probably the best change of all was that the party did not end abruptly at 4am, all 4:30ish and music playing and people now filing out. A good time was had by all that returned to Blink.

- Party McFly

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