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Photos By Suzette B.
Big Phat Fish 'Flashback'
Date: Saturday 15th November 2008
Location: Big Fish. 55 SW Miami Avenue Rd. Miami, FL
Promotions: Island Elite
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Lately things have been kinda hectic and it was time for a lil' stress relief an carnival warm up so when we see a Big Phat Fish Flashback edition, we HAD to go! We decided this was one time we wanted to head dong early so we could maximize the fun. It had been a little while since our last Big Fish, so when we walk in, it was nice to see quite a few faces we hadn't seen in a while and the place decorated all sparkly.

It seems everyone got excited when they heard this was gonna be a back in times ting - excited with good reason. DJ Private Ryan and Selecta AJ took us on a trip dong memory lane with a mix of soca, sweet ole calypso, reggae an everyting else. We get a lil "Big Truck", "Black Man Feelin to Party", "Bahia Girl" wit "Oh Carolina", "Hotstepper", "Murder She Wrote" and even some Kiskadee Karavan and Super Cat thrown in. Some nice surprises included "What Is Love", "Ice Ice Baby", and "Rappers' Delight". Perhaps some of de youngens didn't recognize the "Ambush" but the rest of us was havin' a time in Big Fish.

All in all, this was another successful Big Phat Fish with a lil' something for everybody. Only complaint was that the music was too soft, but Private Ryan still make sure we had a bawl. We really gearin' up for Carnival 2k9 from now.

Freckles for the TJJ South Florida Fam

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