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Photos by Kerra R.
Marlon Singh's Callaloo 2008 Band Launch "Magic Of The Zodiac"
Date: Saturday 26th April 2008
Location: Viva City. Toronto
Promotions: Callaloo Mas Camp
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Yes.. Yes.. Yes!!! It’s that time of year that we’ve all been waiting for - Caribana Season - which means countless band launching's and endless parties. The 1st official band launch of the year was two time Band-of-the-Year winner Marlon Singh with his band Callaloo, and they were callin' out to all the Libra's, Aries’ and Pisces’ for the “Magic of the Zodiac” presentation at Viva City!

TJJ arrived on de scenes around 11:00pm, just in time to get liquored up and do de early walk around. There was room for about 500 people inside Viva City, so by 12:30am, de place was already ram and the doors were being locked. Vibes kicked off from early with DJ BASS, DJ Shiva and the Blackberry Soundcrew on the one's and two's, all hosted by E Man and S.K.F. Now before the live models showcased the 2008 costumes, fete-go'ers had the opportunity to hear some sweet chunes from Soca artiste GHETTO FLEX, who performed his hits "B.A.B.Y" (2008) and "Wine and Bend Over" (2003). He had de ladies weak and begging for more, but as they say, "The show must go on!"

After Ghetto Flex performance, the sexy ladies of Callaloo then walked through the crowd and made their way onto the stage. As they were shakin' what their mama's gave them, paparazzi's were clicking away and fete-go'ers were in awe as they admired the presentation. There were nine (9) sections in the band, each portraying the theme of the band with a little sexy ummph to them! Ladies and gents be sure to check out 3rd place International Groovy Soca Monarch's winner Kerwin Dubois’ section. That "Gyal Farm" section is rel pressshaaah!!!

The presentation was over a little after 1:00am, but the party still continued with nonstop wining and waving. The people who came only to see the costumes left, but the one's that remained enjoyed sweet riddims of La Rhythms Iron & Acoustic Band or jammed to the sounds of the DJ’s. The party finished just after 2:30am, nevertheless, fete-go'ers enjoyed themselves for de few hours they were there!

Don’t forget to organize your crew and register early. Registration & section information will be available soon on

Thanks for having us Marlon, we look forward to seeing the band on de road!!!

Mizz Kayz

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