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Photos by Charlene A. & Kerra R.
Scotiabank Caribana Junior Carnival Parade 2008
Date: Saturday 19th July 2008
Location: Shoreham Drive to Yorkgate Mall. Toronto, Canada
Promotions: Scotiabank Caribana
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Caribana 2008 fever was in the air and this rounds it was time for the kids to have their fun. Taking place every year with a kick off down Jane Street, passing several judging points to end at Yorkgate mall, getting there is easy, it was parking that was going to be comess! With the event scheduled to begin at 12noon, TJJ was on the move like Mario Andretti on the highway cause it was already 11:45am ... and did we mention the parking scenes ... right-o! With luck on our side, it turned out that the parade started a little later than expected and we were right on time.

With over 13 bands and over 1,500 kids participating, the streets were filled with young masqueraders, some as young as 2 years old happily jumping up and chippin' down de road to the latest and greatest soca chunes. A colorful display of beads and feathers were on parade in the streets and it was exciting to see that Carnival will always be around because we all know that once you get the opportunity to experience the thrill and joy of being a masquerader there is nooooo turning back. Like the song says, "Soca in meh vain, soca in meh blood!"

Overall, a good time was had by all, especially with the blazin' sun that was beating down upon us. Congratulations to all the mas camps that presented on the road, a job well done. We look forward to next year.

Below are the official results of the Scotiabank Caribana Junior Parade.

1. Callaloo - 'Leo The Lion' - Fabian Lee
2. Pleasure Players - 'Life of the People' - Jerdine Caterson
3. Carnival Nationz - 'Keeper of the Pirate's Graveyard' - Vaughan Shears
4. Tribal Knights - 'King of the Reef' - Shawn Nicholson
5. Evolution Carnival - 'D'Beast Master' - Jamal Antoine
6. Toronto Revellers - 'Child of D Wisdom Keeper' - Demeko Minott
7. Saldenah Mas-K Club - 'The Great White' - Ryan Sanyhie
8. Borokeete - 'The Guardian' - Andrew Ramsaroop
9. Mas Players Int'l - 'High Tide' - Kahneal Blagrove

1. Carnival Nationz - 'Molly Flanders' - Paige Lewis
2. Toronto Revellers - 'High Priestess of Africa' - Shamika Phillips
3. The Calabash Company - 'Ritmo De Rhumba' - Khyle Matthews
4. Mas Players Int'l - 'Island In The Sun' - Kyonna Brand
5. Saldenah Mas-K Club - 'Jelly Invasion' - Rose Wong
6. Pleasure Players - 'Princess Walking Cloud' - Pia Stewart
7. Callaloo - 'Panet Aligned' - Destynee Charles
8. Borokeete - 'Faberge Objet D'Art' - Keyra Best
9. Mas Toronto - 'Wonder Woman' - Tamika Thomas
10. Nip Davis & Associates - 'Chuu' - Chaina Cunningham
11. Genesis - 'Caribbean Queen' - Lindsay Ohid
12. Tribal Knights - 'Jelly Fish' - Chelsea Seusahai

1. Nip Davis & Associates - 'Warrior' - Leshaun Bernett
2. Toronto Caribbean Connection - 'Visions of the Shaman - Darian Joseph
3. Toronto Caribbean Connection - 'The Young Nobel Warrior' - Kishi King
4. Toronto Revellers - 'Dance Afrique Dance' - Ty Williamson
5. Callaloo - 'Sagitarius Shocking' - Maven Lee
6. Pleasure Players - 'Son of Bear Walker' - Anthony Narine Singh
7. The Calabash Company - 'Hijo De Pedro' - Deon James
8. Tribal Knights - 'Star Fish' - Dyon Kelly

1. Callaloo - 'Aries Rising' - Shenique Timothy
2. Toronto Revellers - 'Dance Zulu Dance' - Alissa Correia
3. Mas Players Int'l - 'Fire Gems' - Kanika Blagrove
4. Borokeete - 'Serafina, Keeper of the Sapphire' - Sephora Ramsaroop
5. Mas Players Int'l - 'Caribbean Amber' - Matian Brand
6. Tribal Knights - 'Stingray' - Celena Sausahai
7. Saldenah Mas-K Club - 'Stingling Sensation' - Chenez Power
8. Mas Toronto - 'Avatar' - Brodi Desvignes
9. Pleasure Players - 'Ashier' - Shannon Stewart

~ Trini Red Woman ~