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Scotiabank Caribana Carnival Parade 2008
Date: Saturday 2nd August 2008
Location: Lakeshore Blvd. Toronto, Canada
Promotions: Scotiabank Caribana
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"We ready .. (hands up) .. We ready (jump up) .. We ready for mas again!!" With a trail of fetes behind us and TJJ crew dropping off like flies, it was time to wrap up the 41st Annual Scotiabank Caribana Parade, formerly known as The Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Taking place in the usual spot, Lakeshore Boulevard, batteries were charged and it was ready, set go! Now anyone hoping to drive into the downtown core is advised to consider taking alternate routes, and for us, it was our reliable GO-Train service. Arriving in time just to catch the train, we were greeted by tons of spectators and anxious masqueraders already lined up on the platform ready to enjoy the festivities that lay ahead and with the parade set to start at 10am ... it was sure to be a good time.

As we made our way to where the bands lined up and prepared to pass the judging area, it was clear that Caribana fever was in the air. "From de top of de hill to de bottom of de valleyyyy .. we blazin' de trail .. all de real revellers coming out from every alley .. we blazin' de trail" The place was hyped!! Music trucks lined the road blaring the latest and greatest chunes and it was only an abundance of colourful beads and feathers as far as the eye can see. Well boy, if it wasn't for the Toronto skyline behind us you would think it was Carnival Tuesday! (lol). The parade began and for once it appeared that it was another blessed sunny day .. but oh no we say, oooooohhhhh no! All seemed fine until halfway through the crossing of Carnival Nationz presentation "Pirates", the blackest and darkest rain cloud positioned itself over Exhibition Place and just leggo! We mean, not just ah drizzle but some hard core, stinging, pleting rain drops! We captured what we could but then had to run for cover because everyone and everything was soaked ... camera included! (lawd faddah!!) However despite the downfall, masqueraders jumped up and enjoyed every minute of the rain and then as fast as the rain appeared, it was done and the rest of the day was blazin sun! Allyuh vex someone upstairs or wha? smile

The bands continued their display of costumes and competed with each for top bragging rights in what many compare to one of the most competitive competitions outside of Trinidad & Tobago. And we have to agree, as every year the talent and designs of the costumes get better and better! Keep up the good work! TJJ eventually moved onto the Lakeshore to capture some of the action as our one complaint was that it took way too long for bands to get to the judging area. However with minor hiccups, we have to admit this was one of the best Caribana's ever, and with over 400 pictures for your viewing pleasure, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Congratulations to all the mas camps on another successful Caribana. We look forward to seeing you on the road next year. Below are the official Scotiabank Caribana 2008 Parade results.

TRW reppin' for the TJJ fam.

2008 Band of the Year Results

BAND OF THE YEAR 2008 (Category A)
1. Jamaal Magloire - Toronto Revellers - Alke'Bulan, Beyond The Nile
2. Louis Saldenah - Saldenah Mas-K Club - The Deep
3. Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz - Pirates
4. Dexter Seusahai - Tribal Knights - Deep Rising
5. Errol/Alicia Achue - Mas Toronto - Heroes
6. Marlon Singh - Callaloo - Magic of the Zodiac
7. Mervyn Skeete - Toronto Caribbean Connection - Visions Thru One's Eyes
8. Frank Ramsaroop - Borokeete - Hidden Treasures

BAND OF THE YEAR 2008 (Category B + C)
1. Selwyn Nip Davis - Nip Davis & Associates - Somewhere In The Orient
2. Jessie Matthews - The Calabash Company - Dancing With The Staz
3. Ken/Andre Defreitas - Evolution Carnival - Exotica
4. Courtney Doldron/Roshan Toolaram - Mas Players Int'l - Jewel of D'Isles
5. Whitfield Balasco - Pleasure Players - What Cortez Saw, D'Artecs
6. Russel/Jerry Jerome - Genesis - Rythyms
7. Troy Logan/Anael Forbes - Phoenix Carnival - Rise From The Ashes

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