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Photos by Neil Berment
Charlotte Caribbean Festival & Parade 2008
Date: Saturday 26th July 2008
Location: Independence Park. Charlotte, NC
Promotions: The Caribbean Cultural Initiative Siboney
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Well surprise, surprise people .... good news .... Trini Jungle Juice landed on another Carnival!! That's right!! Just when allyuh think there were no more Caribbean Carnivals in the US, trust that our TJJ reps are wukkin' dey tails off to bring you what no other organizations are doing. This time we landed in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina for their Charlotte Carnival Festival & Parade, hosted by The Caribbean Cultural Initiative Siboney on July 26th, 2008.

As we touch down, it was rel love. And even though the promoters did not know much about us, that didn't stop the folks who recognized us from saying, "Hey Trini Jungle Juice, we happy allyuh here dred" or "Wow ... TJJ is really the best ... allyuh everywhere boy!! Thanks for coming out!!" I must say, the love down south is ah special thing people. smile

Well after landing inside Independence Park, where the parade ended (which was a bit short), it was colorful and full of energy. And after the judging of the bands took place, it was the perfect time to grab some food. With good southern hospitality at its best, and the food close at hand, the only thing folks had to do was bring their lawn chairs to witness the celebrations, and that they did while getting ready for the live performances.

After the Latino group called 'Pareda' enticed the crowd for just about 45 minutes, there was a bit of a buzz in the air about the next band that was coming on stage. The word was that there lead singer could rel beat ah iron, and it was worked into their performance. Well everybody know that nuff man could beat iron, so what's the big deal right? As Spice International hit the stage around 4pm, the lead singer Lu, grabbed de iron and started to rip it. Well guess what? This iron beating lead singer was not only rel rel good, but Lu also happened to be a woman!! Yes, ah female lead singer ... and although not unusual ... but beating iron?? smile She was rel boss!!!

Lu and the Spice International band were absolutely amazing!! People, no ... they were fantastic!! They may be the hottest new sensation making their way to being one of the most popular bands for Carnival. Yuh have to see them. Their stage performance had every man, woman and child jumping to not only the beat of Soca music, but to almost every genre used in their repertoire. From Soca, to Reggae, to Hip Hop, to ah little Rockers .... it was pure niceness. If allyuh get ah chance to see this band, you will not be disappointed.

By 8pm, Spice Int'l was done with the second part of their performance, and for the last hour, lawn chairs did not matter!! This was a sign of things to come as the Charlotte Carnival came to a close. Big up to DJ Thunder who hosted the 'All White After Party' and who showed much love to the TJJ Crew. And CharlotteTrini, I eh forget yuh guy ... go for goal!!

Much respect to Jennifer Mundle and the entire organizing committee. Thanks for the hospitality.

Once again,
JoyJuice ... out and about!