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Carnival Nationz 2k8 Band Launch "Pirates"
Date: Saturday 24th May 2008
Location: Solarium (The Docks). Toronto
Promotions: Carnival Nationz Mas Band
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With warmer temperatures hitting the city, it would only mean that summer is around the corner and tis' da season of Caribana Band Launches. This night was one of the most anticipated; Carnival Nationz presentation of their Caribana theme band "Pirates". And seeing that Carnival Nationz lost the coveted title "Band Of The Year" in 2007, you know they were coming out with a vengeance, and we wasn't missin' dis bacchanal! smile

We arrived on the scene around 11:30pm, and well yes .... parking lot was almost full, people eh making joke this rounds and neither were we. We had our macoin' eyes on! ~ camera ... check! Held at the Solarium known to most fete-go'ers as "The Docks", TJJ was on the inside in no time. Party ram and vibes sweet, so the only thing left to do was check de bar! smile As always resident DJs Soca Sweetness, Jester, D'Bandit and Kold Fusion mashed up one's and two's warming up the crowd with some sweet sweet oldies to the latest and greatest, of course not forgetting to satisfy the dub (old school reggae) heads in the crowd. Mic man S.K.F added to the energy by hyping up the crowd until it was time for the show to begin.

The presentation kicked off around 1:00am with a brief Pirate skit by two and a half pirates (lol), and although somewhat amusing it added to the anticipated moment. No sooner, the well shaped and toned models confidently stepped up to the stage and did their thing. All nine (9) sections were represented from Misty Dawn to Treasure Islands to Sextant Horizon and Caw Caw. Stage presentation was top notch!! The accompanying music keeping us entertained while the models moved at just the right pace for the crowd to take it all in. And just when we thought the presentation was over, all the models reappeared on stage for a last jump. It was here you got to really see the costumes come alive. Yep, this band is certainly one to watch on the road for Caribana 2008!

TJJ rolled out around 3:30am and party was still going strong, but the rumble in our bellies got the best of us and you know it only meant one ting .... whoooweeee Corn Soup!! (lol). Congrats to Carnival Nationz on a great presentation. We wish you all the best of luck! Folks, for more information on the band and available sections, visit

The 9 sections presented on the tonight were:

  • Misty Dawn - White/silver
  • Shipwreck - White/shells/orange and blue
  • Kaciki (The Amerindians) - Brown
  • Bullion and Baubles - Gold chain with Jewels/purple bathing suit
  • Treasure Islands - Blue/silver/black
  • Sextant Horizon - Orange/yellow
  • Calico Jack and his Lover Anne Bonny - Fushia, black and gold
  • Captain Morgan's Wenches - Red/gold
  • Caw Caw (Parrot) - Green/gold

-- TRW for the TJJ fam

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