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Photos By Tuere K. & Kadesha C.
10th Annual COTT Music Awards
Date: Thursday 6th November 2008
Location: Queen's Hall. St. Anns. Trinidad, W.I
Promotions: Copyright Music Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT)
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The Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago invited TJJ to their annual COTT Awards. The theme for this year's awards was "Music Takes Flight". I know, your asking yourself, "How does one get nominated for a COTT Award?" Well, the criteria is simple. A nominee must be a full member of COTT and their song(s) must be registered. So if you're looking to get nominated, that's all you have to do.

Lights, Camera, Action at the night's venue, Queens Hall. Tons of media professionals were present to capture the moment as the nominees and invited guests walked the 'BLACK CARPET'. Yes people, black.. no Red Carpet drama.. we in Trini.. black goes with everything!! smile As guests mingled and checked out who was wearing what or what kind of hairstyle they could thief and try on themselves, ushers kindly came around serving cutters and also the drink of the night - Johnnie Walker. Yes people, free Johnnie.. glass upon glass. So you know, I was liking myself!! lol

About 8:30pm, an announcement was made for everyone to check-in with their boarding pass and proceed to their seats. The program was about to start. The hall lights dimmed as a flat screen dropped, and the intro of the awards began. It was a play on the COTT Airlines with flight attendants Nicky Crosby and Penelope Spencer, and the passenger was Myroon Ali. They showcased why people should purchase original CD's and not burn them on our computers, and how much money the artists/entertainers lose when we do that.

After the introduction was the opening performance by Mungal Patasar and Pantar, followed by the night's hosts Marcia Henville, Devon Matthews and Hans Des Vignes .. who all did a fantastic job throughout the evening.

The 1st award went to Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry and Margaret Alexis for the 'Groovy Soca of the Year' with "Chippin". The HD crew was screaming for their friend and band mate as Farmer Nappy gave his speech and thanked Mr. HD and his mother for making him a millionaire. Yes folks, Farmer is one of the lucky ones who has a lil' extra! Others winner were: Machel Montano (Male Songwriter of the Year) who wanted to thank his family and said that the HD camp is one big family and he is thankful for this family and their support, Destra Garcia (Female Songwriter of the Year) who was was very teary eye when she got her award, Nilsta Music Publishing Co. (Publisher of the Year) and Agusta St. Louis (New Female Songwriter of the Year).

Taking home two awards was the absent Faye-ann Lyons for "Get On" (Song of the Year and Soca of the Year). Lalchan "Hunter" Babwah received the 'Chutney Soca of Year' for "Bring It". The rum in the morning man was so happy for this award and even showed off his belt buckle, which was a flask of rum! lol. These rum drinkers take rum everywhere, yes! Hunter gave a smashing performance. Jason Seecharen and Richard Ahong with "De Sweetest Christmas Lime" won 'Parang Soca of the Year', 3Canal and Sheldon Benjamin "Never Give Up" got 'Rapso of the Year' and Troydon "Blazer" Cruickshank & Ray Roopnarine "Who Do You Want" took the 'Reggae/Danchall of the Year' award. Blazer, who was not a crowd favorite because of his negative influence on the youths and his recent troubles headlining newspapers bout his drug use, wanted the media to know that they should now write about his win at the COTT Awards and stay out of his business.

Alan Tiah, Allan Reece and Booby Afsal Ramdeen with "Fallen" won 'Pop/Rock Song of the Year'. Rochan "Fireball" Richards and Richard Ahong with "What I Want" (R&B/Hip Hop of the Year), had a great performance dressed in a red track suit along with his sexy dancers who had men amazed at there flexibility and gyrations. After receiving his award Fireball wanted the top Soca artists to know that he is #2 on the Billboard charts and he hoped to see them up there with him. I wonder who he was throwing that for? Hmmmmmmm ... lol. The Hon. Dr. Slinger Franciso "The Mighty Sparrow" received the 'International Achievement Award' and Timonthy "Barron" Watkins the 'Pioneer Award'.

The night's most talked about performance had to be from Soca Diva Destra Garcia who performed her latest 2k9 hit "Sassiness", stripping down into a white, sexy, feathery outfit, showing off her dance moves and how fit and already she is for next year.

Russell Leonce and the Laventille Youth Chorale raised my pores with their Gospel performance. This man is the Trini John Legend!! Serious, he is going to go places with his powerful voice, as he left the Queen's Hall audience in awe. Nadia Batson also took to stage dressed in a beautiful sari alongside her East Indian dancers, and showed the crowd that she has a Chutney side to her, showing off her skills - both dance and vocal. Hats off to Nadia!

The special guest of the night was the handsome, sexy rasta, Reggae superstar Maxi Priest. Yes ladies, he brought down the house with Shurwayne Winchester and his new band called Y.O.U performing "Make It Yours". They had the pleasure of closing the show and brought other artists on stage to show that at the end of the day, we are all one big family.. friends and fans of each other.

Thanks to COTT and their hardworking staff for putting on a fantastic show. I had a wonderful time.

Your flight attendant Kadesha, saying have a safe flight ..... muah!