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Crack of Dawn ... All Inclusive Breakfast Party
Date: Friday 1st August 2008
Location: Private Venue. West Coast, St. James. Barbados, W.I
Promotions: Barefoot Entertainment
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Ah toe draggin' from de Glow fete ... "body sway'in foot eh movin." It has to be about mins to 6AM or 7AM, judging by the burn in my eyes and craving for some grease to settle de excessive alcohol. Word is, "Breakfast Party?" Strange enough we find de place real easy (thanks Henry). This must be de only place that we were able to locate in ah one fuh de whole week, fuss Barbados have back road. At this hour it was coming down to a matter of man or mouse. Watching cars passing thru, some stopping and some quitting. Is a special kind of bad mind or party animal to walk across the threshold. If ya only close ya eyes, when ya wake up is Foreday Morning. Of course, once you take the blue pill ... yuh good. Which we did!!

My Crop Over experience was excellent as usual, and de Breakfast Party is certainly one of the parties that stood out for me (definitely a new addition to my Crop Over rotation). Venue get ah 10 outta 10. Somebody forward me the phone number of de gardener (got some bush tuh cut round by me). I feel like ah was in a Singapore botanical garden. Fountains and waterways along property walls were ridiculous. Ah true nature lover's haven!! There was a pool, but I passed on taking a swim since I didn't want to be first. A few patrons did quit early and enjoyed the pool side furniture ... not calling no names ... yet. smile

So we run up in de place and one time... real effort went into the preparation of this event. Food well laid out, and tons of service. Barefoot Wine Bar too .. eh eh!! Opportunity was even there for those who wanted to take a try at wrapping a doubles (towards the end of event) - see photo. So is all kinda hops and ham, doubles, corn soup and ting. From de time yuh walk tru de door, mankind bum rush de food. Ah relaxing stroll up the incline, just past the DJ speakers to the fully equipped bar. Again, when bartenders at ah Breakfast Party flair mixing, yuh know somebody prepare for your coming. Is like coming home and finding your laundry done and shirts ironed. smile My goal was to make up for how much drinking I miss the night before since my beach ride overs me. So vodka and juice was in order while I watched bartenders throw bottles to each other - behind the back, over the shoulder, back of the palm - real tricks yes... big styles.

So when people was finishing up dey food, rain start to fall. Now ya cyah play mas if ya fraid powder... and ya cyah go Breakfast Party if ya fraid water!!! Ah Breakfast Party without a water-truck missing something ... now I not sure if it had a truck on de side road, but once de rain start to fall that was it. It was a coming of events like de perfect storm. De early morning jumbie take over. That is de phase between dead tired and insomnia. It's actually a form of drunkenness. So, de morning jumbie, people now done eat, and trying to get to de bar without getting wet get overs as an option. So it wasn't long before back yard going strong ... much thanks to DJs - DJ 'Rebel' Elias, DJ Cyclone, Mafia Sounds and Ozzy The Wizard - and everybody wet and wining. Pon de tent, pon de bar, pon de ground. Wheel barrow, cup and saucer and back tuh front donkey. Yes, I said back tuh front donkey!! It making ah come back. smile

It have party goers, and it have party starters. This Breakfast Party only had party starters, so it was madness from since we reach to when we leave.... which was early from de jamishness I leave behind. I will confess that I was not prepared for this party, but next year I will be. I walking with my whistle!! Large up the entire "Waist Management Services" crew on the inside!! Allya very efficient on de job!!

Rain or shine, see allya next year,
Dr. Ram Dass

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