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DC Caribbean Carnival Parade 2008 ... On D'Road Pt. 1
Date: Saturday 28th June 2008
Location: Washington DC Metro Area
Promotions: DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. (DCCC)
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You could bring it in a bottle! Me waaan me rum in de morning! Huh? Oh! You're all here! Yes iyah! Me nuh know why that song have me suh! (quite possibly the fact that I had more rum than blood in mah veins than blood by de time de road did roll around). And yes iyah, nuh watch de time, rum was running in de morning. But mek me talk about de road likkle bit fuss.

So, we were running a likkle late since we did wrap up at Taboo wit the sunrise and had be pick up we costume dem. Yeah, we was de ones out dere in the less than modest "shorts", but it's Carnival time and body suppose fe expose. Can join gym fe nex year if you truly embarrassed! But this year let it all out!

We did teef a parking spot wit some creative U-turns a likkle whiles down from the parade itself (rating Gary, you never buy you license!) Jump outta de car and follow de music. Cell phone dem lef in de cyar cause me nuh know who me going to be hearing while I on de road, if you reaching afta me, me sorry!

So we find all the revellers that was in blue at some point in time ... but dem already covered in mud. Oh gosh! We need fe ketch up! I did see a couple of people on de side of the street wondering if they should jump in or try fe keep dem clothes clean. Some of them lose de battle and just jump right in. I'll say some of them just followed the short shorts on in! smile We find we truck and get we drinks. TJJ'ers already on de scene snapping up pics of faces and ... a likkle lower than faces ... but can we blame de poor man dem when so much gyrating a gwaan in de streets? Hush yah.

I just love love love DC Carnival ... something just so raw and natural about it making it my absolute favourite Carnival in the US! I don't think I've missed it once since leaving my sweet, sweet island. I know de Miami and NY people will try argue, but trust, DC is it!

Aight. Vibes nice, vibes hot (with a lil' piece of welcomed rain), wait .. parade done? DC officials seemed to think Carnival had to end a likkle earlier this year. We need the DC organizers to work that out. Otherwise, I was amazed at how quickly the DC officials clean up the streets and have the place back to pre-carnival conditions. It's like magic!

Oh look! Ice cream truck! Yeah man, just what dis girl needed! Cyaan sit down too long or else I'd fall asleep, and der's a nex' fete fe get to!

Jamaican Caublasian signing out ... (got to clean up fe de night time festivities!)

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