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After DC Carnival Cooldown Pool Party VI
Date: Sunday 29th June 2008
Location: 1010 Folcroft Lane. Upper Marlboro, MD
Promotions: Klimaxx Entertainment
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Well yes .... party and more party! So just when yuh thought yuh DC Carnival was done, it was on to the Cooldown Pool Party from Shine. Tucked away in Upper Marlboro, by the time TJJ arrived on the scene, the party was in full swing, providing nuff vibez for the real Carnival babies. After 3 days of straight jammin', the vibez was the perfect at this event to wind down DC Carnival 2008.

From the time we parked the TJJ mobile, we could hear nuff styles pumping through the otherwise quiet neighborhood, and the scent of the home cook food was as strong as ever. With cameras and waistlines ready, we proceeded to the entrance ready to mash up this DC version of "las-lap". True to form, L Boogie wasted no time in wining dong in de people place. But, when in Rome ... do as the Romans!! smile Every single waist in this Pool Party was in motion. It had to be, because the usual suspects (Back to Basics, Hazzard and Giselle D Wassi One) were tearing it up. Even though there were no live performances, the DJ was doing the duty ... commanding the crowd. Not a problem whatsoever. It was hit after hit ... and styles fuh so!!!! When we checked, it was more woman than man in dis party ... and yes, we see dem again ... the Stray Dawg Krew! Dem boys all over de place looking for bumpers, yes!

Moving about the party, doing what TJJ does best, we couldn't help notice that even though the venue wasn't the largest, it was more than adequate. A simple setting, perfectly located. Pool in the middle, DJ on one side, bar on the other, and free food on another. What? Free food?? Yes people, FREE FOOD!! No wonder we couldn't find L Boogie! We talkin' bout rice, chicken, salad and the best Corn Soup to hit DC!! Nuff respect to the corn soup man from New York - we still lickin' we fingers!! In addition to the food, drinks were very reasonably priced, and of course, Carnival is not Carnival without a few rounds of beastly cold Caribs!!

With the food off the charts, drinks in abundance, styles flinging left and right, and the crowd in full motion, this Cooldown Pool Party was a hit. Everybody was having themselves a great time, even 'Thick Like Mud' (shhhh ... inside joke), who was throwing rel waist when the police decided to drop in. As expected, they did their best to spoil the vibez by telling the DJ to turn down the music. What they didn't cater for was that as long as the music didn't stop, the party would keep going! Everyone just moved a little closer to the speakers and continued the wining. Tough luck Mr. Five-O ... yuh can't stop dis "Jamishness"!

Nuff respect out to Klimaxx Ent. for putting this one together for yet another year. It looks like the After DC Carnival Cooldown Pool Party has found a permanent place in the "must-go" parties of DC Carnival. What's next for 2009? Maybe mandatory bikinis for the ladies and free doubles??!! Sleep on it!

Much love.
Mister Benz for the TJJ Family

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