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Photos By Ayana M.
Dear Santa
Date: Friday 12th December 2008
Location: Kings Palace. 347 37th Street. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Natalie

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Who missing their Bra?

Hey Honey Bunches of Oats! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in the big apple. There are lights everywhere. The place is just beautiful. I absolutely love this time of the year. Although we're in a so called recession, I still find folks over here still feting like if there’s no tomorrow!! The show must go on right?!

Team TJJ is gearing up to head to Dear Santa. Last year (view coverage) was nice, so we're doing it twice! smile And the week before, we had a time at the Dear Santa for Kids edition. So, now it's time to leave the kiddies home and break away!

A little after 2am we pulled up in front of the venue. After a quick frisk and 3 flights of stairs we were finally in. As we walked in, we started jammin' one time. "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd was on. I haven't heard that song in ages ... wow!! The first thing I noticed was the decor. The only thing that was missing were some snowflakes. I mean.. just being in the fete gave you an instant Christmas spirit. Most people were well put together. It's a Christmas party, so most of the chicks were all decked out, but of course it must have one or two who look like they just roll off they bed and come up in the people fete! smile

Now fellas, they didn’t leave you guys out. There were some sexy Santa’s Helpers handing out egg nog ... Daddy Juice and Ram Dass ... allyuh miss out this year ... *lol*!! There were even some sexy Santa bartenders! Ooooh la la!!

This fete had almost everything, including good music. Youngstar, Anonymous and Sounds4Life (did you guys catch our 5 Minutes With Sounds4Life interview already?) all took turns to ensure that the fete would be popping right through. Great job guys! The music was really good.

A few treats were handed out to the crowd like candy canes and ham. That ham was nice by the way eh! Just the way I like it ... not too salty ... not too sweet. Time flew by so fast, that I didn’t even notice. Lights were on, the staff was cleaning and I'm all in the middle taking a last dance with some homemade wine. I ent play I love mehself in this party, yes!

Oh, one more thing before I go ... why when I went to the bathroom to powder my nose there's somebody’s bra laying there (photo)?? I just know somebody tot-tots freezing right about now ... haha! Ok, I gone.

Text-a-holic Juice ... getting thrown out by security!

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