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Photos By Kerra R.
Dr. Jay de Soca Santa
Date: Thursday 25th December 2008
Location: Island Mix Restaurant & Lounge. 1050 Brock Road. Pickering, Canada
Promotions: Dr. Jay de Soca Prince
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First off, Feliz Navidad to you and yours! smile Arite nice ... on this business! It ‘twas Christmas night and all the “soca elves” were looking for a place to celebrate all their hard work throughout the season. There was only place in mind where the knew Dr. Jay de Soca Santa would be for sure, so they jumped on their sleds and headed to the East pole to Island Mix Restaurant.

After stuffing our faces with ham, pastelles, black cake, sorrel and lots of ponche-de-crème.. de TJJ crew finally found some energy to head down to de East to celebrate Christmas Trini-style. After all that bess food, de only ting to top off de night was some Johnnie on ice and some sweet soca music to fill de air! We had to bun off all de calories we put on in dem few hours, so Island Mix was the right place to wuk it off. We arrived around 11:30pm, just in time to miss the rush that came in before us. The dancefloor was packed and the bar was flooded with party go’ers begging for more drinks. Ah mean, is Christmas ... and like I said, we celebrating Trini style! That could only mean one ting, drinks .. drinks ... and more drinks!! *lol* On the one’s and two’s providing us with some Soca Therapy and Reggae Remedies was de Soca Santa himself, Dr. Jay alongside the two bess mc’s from the KOS family, Dirty Dez and E-Man.

Around 1 am, Island Mix reached their capacity. Who reach late, is dem loss yes! The place was packed, yuh woudla swear nobody had families to stay home with this Christmas!! *lol* Small ting tho.. de more de merrier ent?! Caribbean people love to lime, so whether it be Christmas or Easter, we still out limin’and having a good time.

All of our favorite chunes were spinnin’ on de turntables and party-go’ers were jammin’ nonstop! Nothing could stop weeeeee! We danced all night long and if we could’ve we woulda went straight into Boxing Day de way de vibes was wikkid. Security tried to clear out the building around 3-ish and party-go’ers couldn’t help but sing, “Cyah put we out... it will take more than security to put we out ah this fete... jes tell them we nah leavin! We still winin! We still wavin! Misbehavin!!!!” Wooooii!!! De Soca Santa knew exactly what to play and when to play it.. there was no doubt in that! As we chipped out the door, we couldn’t ask for a better way to end Christmas night. Spent with our fellow soca-lovers under one roof, celebrating love and life! Ah will see allyuh in 2KWINE for another year of greatness!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a goodnight!
Mizz Kayz for the TJJ fam