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DV8 Atlanta Ultra All Inclusive 2008
Date: Friday 16th May 2008
Location: Vecoma. Atlanta GA
Promotions: Gresham Entertainment and Friends
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From DC to Miami, Gresham Entertainment is fast becoming synonymous with premiere carnival parties. This time around it was Atlanta's turn to sample the Ultra All Inclusive experience only de Gresham crew could provide. And trust me, the bar was raised even higher for sessions in da dirty south!

Onto the evening prep! Where dis cold weather come from? The night start out kina iffy for dis Jungle Juicer ... cuteness over comfort? Comfort over cuteness? Ok! Ok! Vanity wins. Short dress on cause someone or some rum will heat you up! smile

Shuttle setup at a nearby school mekking de parking situation well easy. Of course we repping Trini Jungle Juice, so naturally we feature the VIP parking at the venue itself! Tek a step out of the car! And de cool breeze blow cross! Quick time, run into de session and tek a shot of rum! And that set de scene. A quick perusal of de menu shows some whole heep of food including crab cakes! (No soup and bread session here!) Bar set up nice. It all have a dedicated wine serving section for those that need a little extra sophistication with their jump up. One thing you can definitely say about the layout is that the bar nice and long so everybody can get serve quick time. Minimal dance up interruption!

I did mention seh I already dancing from de time I reach all de way to de bar? DJ Kevin ah mix some tune mek you feel like you is right back ah Jamdown. Rounding out de night was Richie D and Dorenzo from Miami and Atlanta's own Black Talon.

Beautiful people, a great vibe, quick and easy bar access for drinks and great music and what you have is one massive dance movement where everybody a dance wit everybody! Bway, all me can seh is, cyaah wait until DC! Taboo 2008!

JayCee aka Jamaican Caublasian

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