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Photos By Leanne, Leisha & Stephen CQ
TJJ TV Coverage: DV8 - Miami Edition
DV8 - Miami Edition
Date: Saturday 11th October 2008
Location: The Winery. Miami, FL
Promotions: Gresham Entertainment and NY Caribbean Vibes
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I do apologize in advance, but I'll need the TJJ community to bear with me for this review. It took some time and reflection to figure out exactly how to convey how great this party was, and there really are no words. But, I'll try!

Let me start off with praises to Gresham (of Taboo fame) and NY Caribbean Vibes. This was the absolute 2nd best party I've been to this year, and possibly for the past three years. (If I'd written the review earlier DV8 Miami would have been the best, but alas, I went to Frenchmen in JA ... and well ... yeah, dem win it!)

But! Back to DV8. Definite praise to Richie D. I was amazed, and trust me, I've heard Richie D play a few times ... this was his career defining moment. I'm not sure he can follow that up again.

The venue! Perfect! Well laid out, central bar, convenient food area (oh my goodness .. the FOOD). Yes, I need to discuss that. I don't think I've tasted pork that good. Almost good enough for a rasta to hide him locks. Amazing! The rest of the food was great too, but I had some sort of jerk pork addiction going.

Should I also mention the wine bar? And not just any wine bar. They had Lychee wine, Mango wine, Guava wine, Passion Fruit wine and even Avocado wine (wait for TJJ TV coverage on this one ... lol). You name it, they had it!! Oh! And I have to mention the bartenders. Best looking bartenders in the entire world. Bruce, Damian, Kurt ... someone ... you MUST ship them up to Taboo next summer!

I would love to say more, but honestly. This party is the new standard by which all future parties will be judged. If you missed it, well, maybe it's not so bad to not know what you've missed. The rest of us will now attend other events saying ... "It's good, but it's just not DV8!"

Until next time ... J'can Caublasian

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