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Photos By Leanne M.
Eden 'Miami Carnival Edition' - A.U.R.A::the A.fter U. R.ave A.llday Affair
Date: Sunday 12th October 2008
Location: Grass Lounge. 28 NE 40 St. Miami, FL
Promotions: Gary Hart, Leighton Paul Walsh, Jamie Young, Party Animalz
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After a long, exhilarating and exhausting Miami Carnival, there was no better way to finish of Carnival Sunday than at Eden – Miami Carnival Edition: Aura. Gary, Leighton, Jamie and crew have quickly made Eden a signature event for long holiday weekends. Eden has become known for a potent party trifecta of beautiful women, great music and great ambiance. That combination of a Sunday night with no work the next day, an upscale venue with great eye-candy, as well as great music, sets Eden apart from the rest. The most recent episodes of Eden have been crazy, and this event on Miami Carnival Sunday was definitely no exception.

After an exhausting weekend, culminated by covering the carnival parade in Downtown Miami on Sunday afternoon, yuh boy was running on fumes when he hit the party around 1:30am. The line was deep outside and the crowd inside was even deeper. For the Miami Carnival Edition, the promoters raised the bar even higher. “The Soca Garden” outside at Grass Lounge  (www.grasslounge.com) was ram with DJ Dorenzo heating it up with new and recent Soca hits and Niko Star and Walshy Fire keeping things moving with some poignant Dancehall and Old Skool selections.

However, the crown jewel of this event was the unveiling of the new million dollar indoor venue @ Grass Louge, AKA "The King is Dead Lounge" (www.kingisdead.com). This beautiful, elaborately decorated, indoor venue was unveiled for the very first time by the owners, specifically just for Eden! Once the doors were opened, the crowd wasted no time in heading inside to check out the décor and the vibe. Overwhelmingly, the consensus was “Wow!” Inside the “King is Dead Lounge”, none other than T&T’s own Mr. Slaughter and X-calibur Sound was mashing up the dance! Serious props to Slaughter ... his DJ skills are not to be underestimated, as he had the partygoers going mad. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside, but take our word for it the venue is seriously “top shelf” and the vibe was excellent.

Eden has done it again! Make no mistake; this party is a permanent fixture on the TJJ South Florida calendar. Make sure to add this event to your calendar and we’ll see you at the next Eden!

Supah Grova

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