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Knockout: The Ganja Farmer Live
Date: Friday 3rd October 2008
Location: Melkweg. Lijnbaansgracht 234a. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Promotions: Knockout
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Finally, a reggae artist from Trinidad coming to town to represent for the island and show that we could roll with the big dogs. Tonight would be a night for small victories and Marlon Asher would be leading the charge!! A quick stop in Amsterdam on his European tour promoting his new album called "Unconditional Love." The original Ganja Farmer in Ganja Land!!! I don't care where you from, what language you speak, or what colour you are, everybody and they granny know the smash hit from Marlon - "Ganja Planter".

With that said, the Dutch came out on a cold and windy typical Holland night by the numbers I tell you. Nuff support in the building and the energy growing by the second. Talking about small victories, tonight would be the first night I spinning with laptop. After two years of contemplation and laziness from carrying heavy CD cases I finally made the leap but we go get back to this later. Time to warm up the place so Spider, the MC from Supersonic Sound outta Berlin grabbed the mic while I supported him behind the wheels of steel. The vibes was building nice and the crowd getting thicker and thicker by the minute. Some easy anthems we dropped, then some big ganja tunes and the stage was set!

Marlon Asher was introduced and from the first second he came to the stage it was pure niceness! His performance was bad! Big tunes, brought over with amazing ease and clarity. Great interaction and contact with the crowd urging them on to sing parts of certain tunes to the pleasure of some women at the front of the stage. It appeared as if they didn't want to miss their opportunity to impress Marlon with their singing skills! Priceless for real! When he finally dropped "Ganja Planter", it was if a nuclear bomb went off in the place. The explosion of voices, whistles, just peer noise and ruckshun! Madness I tell you! It was definitely the biggest forward I ever witnessed at that venue. Well done Mr. Asher!

By the end of his set, of course they screamed (especially the women at the front) for him to bless the place some more, and of course he did so. Dropping a few more tunes before ending the show in find style! Herbalize-it took over and now it was up to me to keep the vibe sweet! Everybody feeling good and even if the laptop did crash, we couldn't business! This was already a bess night and nothing could have changed that! We rocked it until the wee hours of the morning and in true Trini spirit, Marlon Asher and crew stayed and caught some vibes in the crowd just normal. The Ganja Farmer blessed Amsterdam with a memorable concert. Big up Marlon Asher for representing for the music, the culture and most of all for Trini! Of course Trini Jungle Juice was there to get the exclusive coverage!

D1Jam Masters & Herbalize-it Crew