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Photos By Cindy Palmer Photography
Gyptian & Mega Banton Live
Date: Friday 10th October 2008
Location: Club Tobago. 147-02 Liberty Ave. Queens, NY
Promotions: Kronicle Movements and NY Lime

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So as it turns out Fall has hit NYC full blast ... burrr. And what better artists to heat us up than reggae sensations Gyptian & Mega Banton!

We got to Club Tobago around midnight and parking was like nothing I've seen before. We walked four blocks from the car and my eyes were amazed at the looooong line outside the club, OMG ... it was wayyyyyy down the block! After waiting ah two minutes, we were in ... big up Mike! Rolling about 10 deep, we decided to get tickets in advance, it makes everything easier.

On the inside, the place was already jam up. It took us about a good 5 minutess to get to the bar, and then it was line up time. Yuh would think they were giving away free rum! Gosh where all these people come out from??!! Wooosh, well we finallyyy reach the bar ... did I mention da line?! I was also celebrating my birthday, so it was shots all around ... lawddd!

On to the show! I have to give it up the DJ's ... they were definitely on point. The chunes kept the floor packed all night long, and when I say pack I mean .. JAM PACKED! While trying to move through the crowd ah get hold down by this Trini bwoy! You know I had to put a lil' wine on him! Oh gosh Trini boy, hold it down!

It was now around 3am ... finally show time! First on stage was Mega Banton. The crowd seemed to really enjoy his performance. Next up, was the main attraction ... Gyptian. Now even though it was a short but sweet performance, Gyptian ("Beautiful Lady") was still on point!

We had a great time at the show, but there definitely could have been more stage time. Big up to my NJ crew that made it to celebrate my b'day with me!

Lata will be greater,
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