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ISLANDpeople Mas "Animal Instincts"
Carnival Monday 2008 Pt. 1

Date: Monday 4th February 2008
Promotions: ISLANDpeople Mas
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The Rated

IS JAMISHNESS !!!!!! 'Large and In Charge' is my theme for ISLANDpeople Mas - they doing their own thing - this being their 3rd year - and they not stopping until they achieve excellence - they are on that road I must admit and they will continue to be on that road after what I saw this Carnival Monday. The vibes was real decent and extremely normal - seriously there was absolutely no bad vibes on this route of chippin' today. Constant pace - hardly any stopping and the music supplied by Tweez, Alicia D Duchess, Jugglers, and Rapid Response just to name a few, was absolutely off the charts. No unnecessary repeating, always changing it up, bringing in tunes from years before and blending them with what is blazing the charts for this year. As man, the women in this band were immaculately gorgeous, there were no girls, no teenagers - of course there were - but I would say for every ten ladies, nine were women and there was one child - sometimes all ten were women - and talk about winery and waist pelting and just plain old down to earth behavior - no stush vibes .... NONE! I LOVE IT! Somebody made a comment that, "ISLANDpeople Mas is the new Burrokeets". I don't consider that an insult - that is a compliment - I have never heard anybody ever complain about Burrokeets and to be honest when Burrokeets would cross the stage - the people were enjoying themselves. The twelve Sections, or as they call it, Chapters in the band were uniquely designed keeping with their theme of Animal Instincts and for me, Black Widow Spider, Portuguese Man-O-War and King Fisher Bird were my favourites - who say best!!!!! Only Woman - As Kerwin Du Bois & Shal sang this year, "Gyal Farm" ... Different Thing in the Mas and We Lining Them Up For The Grinding Up" ... Boop Boop Boop!!!!!!! I enjoyed using the "pee pee" truck. It was constantly cleaned and always kept tidy by the staff. The security in the band was tight and worked very well while enjoying themselves as much as they can - I respect them! Finally, I must say that the band was not over crowded - it basically had the "right" amount of people .... and it was immense!!!!! I enjoyed the fact that TRIBE masqueraders came over in ISLANDpeople Mas to enjoy the vibes ... hahahaha ... nothing against TRIBE, but we had some cross section of bands - we even had Pulse 8 members in the mix - ISLANDpeople take people ... hahahahahaha. Big up to the celebs ... Maximus Dan, Machel Montano HD and Brian Lara who graced the band with their presence ... have to love the local stars. Who say they can't play ah mas too .... boop boop!!!!

The Un-Rated

The bar was lacking in terms of Gatorade. I know there was Lucozade, but Gatorade is much better ... it quenches your thirst it keeps you going ... Lucozade has too much fizz. How about getting Gatorade next year? The Real Thirst Quencher - but then again we could always drink water right? That is my only complaint for today. Honestly, ISLANDpeople Mas rules!!!!! I am not sounding like a groupie .... I am just keeping it real.

The Over-Rated

I really did not see the need to meet quite in the National Stadium ... that was unnecessary. But hey … all well ends well - which it did - so I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The band left at minutes to 12 noon - after telling masqueraders to meet at 10 AM ... poor organization, but still just cool nevertheless. You got two hours to catch up with people you have not seen or just gape at the prospects. The drinks trucks were a bit odd ... some were too tall and some were just the RIGHT height. Suggestion - make all the drinks trucks the same height. It's kind of hard to have yuh hand high up in the air for a drink ... is slavery or wha? Hahahahah ... but still good vibes. As I said, the bar staff were always on point and never failed to deliver. Finally, I must make a comment on this ... the thing that they call "Staff Band". We were not entitled to alcohol or snacks. Now I really could understand the alcohol and I respect that, but the snacks man!! You could have given us a lil' burger ... lol ... a snack would be appreciated!! Big up for the lunch - ah know you must feed us - but some snacks wham? We is people too!!

Definitely, ISLANDpeople Mas ... I playing the mas next year with allyuh for sure ... not working ... I going to drink and get on wassy wassy bad up!!

Amiel for the TJJ Fam
Always Forward, Never Backward
-- TJJ Carnival 2008 Frontline

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