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ISLANDpeople Mas 2009 Band Launch "Heaven On Earth"
Date: Sunday 17th August 2008
Location: Queen's Park Oval, Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad
Promotions: ISLANDpeople Mas
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Island People has finally launched. One of the bands we all have been highly anticipating. My band, your band, the band of the Caribbean, launched on Sunday 17th August 2008 at the Queens Park Oval. Their presentation for 2009 is "Heaven on Earth". Most of TJJ readers must be asking themselves, “We have never been to heaven, so how can we compare it to earth?” Well that’s easy, it’s what you make it!

The décor was truly heavenly as you entered the heaven gates you were surrounded by white clouds. The media got a taste of the costumes before the viewing public, and my words were, “Island People really different, and they take time to create the mas in an unusual way, that leaves you speechless.”

As the crowd flittered in for the 9:30 PM presentation they had time to mingle, got a few drinks and listen to great music from Mr. Slaughter (X-Caliber), Trevlyn and others. Unfortunately, TJJ cameras were still in transit from our prior engagement at Beach House 8 and were running late.

Showtime! As the lights dimmed a number of men dressed in white came onto the stage pointing up into the sky. Up we all looked, and two white boxes that looked like televisions, stood still in the air on the left and right side of the stage. It was time for the nights feature presentation of costumes to be displayed. Slowly the white television like boxes came down onto the stage and 1st was Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008 Anya Ayoung Chee displaying Heavenly Sky (photo).

As she stepped onto the runway, it began to move. Yes people, a moving runway for the 1st time in a band launch you didn’t have to push or shove to see the costumes it came to you. The night’s presentation music was sang by Kimberly Dubson. For every section this young lady sang the Heaven on Earth song which was created just for this night. Costume after costume, as the crowd cheered for their favourite models like Dancing Jade, Mandisa Foster, Reene Rayers and others.

All the Island People diehard masqueraders and new comers soon began debating on costume of choice. The sections were Rays of Light, Ocean Whispers, Angel Falls, Afrodisiac, Paradisus, Love, Heavenly Sky, Natural Mystic, Chocolate & Caramel, Touch, Midnight Bloom and Carnival. So people, gather your crew and choose a section so that on Carnival Monday and Tuesday you could be part of ISLANDpeople Mas heavenly experience!

For more information, visit their website at

Your celestial TJJ friend on earth, Kadesha

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