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Mania 2008
Date: Sunday 3rd February 2008
Location: Trinidad Country Club. Maraval, Trinidad
Promotions: T.A.O - High Fidelity/Less Than Zero and Zen

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This is it, Mania is officially the last fete of the C2K8 Fetalotathon® season before we hit the road Monday and Tuesday. As bun as we were, both D’ Local Juice and myself had to represent for TJJ at this Carnival Sunday night staple.

We arrived on the scene around 11pm and entered with “special treatment stylee" into the VIP area, which was on the left side of the venue. Now this is a FREE DRINKS fete!! And for the high rollers, there's an ALL PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE VIP area with a variety of food. Food stalls were located on the left with a choice of Bake and Shark, Geera Pork and Bar-B-Que to mention a few. After the food stalls were the bars... where Scotch, Vodka, Rum and Beers were all made readily available, complimented by speedy and efficient bar staff. And to help party-goers to better deal with all free alco consumption, one can usually find Corn Soup and Doubles served in de fete (in general admission too).

The separation of the general section and VIP was to the middle of the stage, so everyone got an equal view of the live performances. As we walked through the crowd, we could feel the vibes building as everyone was wining or chippin' to the music. DJs High Fidelity/Less than Zero were on the one’s and two’s, with Benny hyping the crowd on the mic.

Now fete-goers flock to this fete every year because of two (2) main reasons.... 1. FREE DRINKS and 2. Machel Montano HD. Before the HD band graced the stage, we took the opportunity to taste the food and have a couple of drinks ... you know, before things got to sticky! smile

At about quarter past two in the morn, Benny introduced Machel Montano HD and his all star line up. The ever so popular "Blazin' D Trail" surely didn't fail to move the crowd, and this was just the beginning. Moving along, Machel delivered one of his greatest performances for the season, and kept the crowd on their toes.

Singing sensation Patrice Roberts, in addition to doing her other big 2008 hits ("Mo Wuk" and "Thunder Waist"), dropped the "Wukkin Up Remix" and was supported on stage by Jamaican artist Macka Diamond, which only stirred more frenzy into this fete. As Machel continued, we could here a voice from a distant saying “who dey ... who dey-o!” Wondering who? Yes, well none other than the Mighty Sparrow singing his part of "Congo Man". This collaboration real mash up de session!

After the well enjoyed hour and a half long performance, Machel wrapped things up and left the stage. The DJs then began running a couple more selections, but after a few songs we departed. J’ouvert was in de air! Come Carnival Monday and Tuesday, you can catch us "Out On De Road" with all of we frens in ISLANDpeople & TRIBE.

Benny, thanks for the usual hospitality. We had ah time once again... see you at Mania 2k9!

Signing out, D’ Young Juice
-- TJJ Carnival 2008 Frontline

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