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Meiling 2008 Fashion Show ... "MSquared"
Date: Tuesday 24th June 2008
Location: Club Zen. Port of Spain. Trinidad
Promotions: Meiling and Micles
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Meiling launched her brand new line - MSquared - at the Zen night club on Tuesday 24th 2008. With this new fashion line she is also celebrating 30 years in the business (Congrats).

Meiling has been working on the line for over a year now, and has teamed up with reputed local retailer, Micles. Why Micles many would ask? It's because Meiling likes the way the brand has developed over the year, and Micles would allow her to appeal to women of all ages and all sizes, and at affordable prices.

Lights, Camera ... Action! Patrons sat on both sides of the runway to view the 80 piece collection. They got a Caribbean field show with lots of bright colors to compliment the cocktails they were sipping on. The line for both male and female consisted of long and short pants, skirts, dresses, tops, vest and other accessories. The colors were bright and vibrant - fire reds, bright orange, iguana green, lily white, tropical blue, sky blue, bright pink, torque, black and lots more. I particularly love the way the colours would blend. For instance, a yellow pair of pants with a blue vest and green shoes. The models were fierce, and the crowd's favorites seem to be Kamal, Rashad, Durant and Ray-ann.

MSquared is a line that shows you have a sense of style, yes it's different, but it has a classic elegance. It's affordable all limited edition clothing would be under $600 and the sizes range from Small to Triple X. MSquared will be available at all Micles branches nationwide, including Tobago. So please go out and support our local fashion.

Loving we local fashion,