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Miss World T&T and Miss Universe T&T Pageant 2008
Date: Sunday 24th February 2008
Location: Club Zen. Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad
Promotions: Miss T&T Pageant Company, Tourism Development Company (TDC)

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Sasiya Albert (22 yrs), Anya Ayoung-Chee (26 yrs), Priya Chanderbally (24 yrs), Gabriel Walcott (23 yrs), June Lightbourne (23 yrs), Makeda O'Neil (23 yrs) and Kerry-Ann Murphy (19 yrs) were the lucky seven to be chosen to head into tonight's competition after a rigorous screening of countless young, sexy, ravishing beautiful women that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer. This competition of course is for the chance to represent the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago at the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Vietnam on July 15th 2008, and the Miss World Pageant in Ukraine later in October 2008. What an opportunity and what a glorious time it would be for the winners, just to even reach the competition should be glory in its own!

Out of one hundred and twenty (120) women between the ages of 18 and 26, only seven (7) were chosen on Sunday February 17th 2008. Don't you think 120 is quite a small number? It should be like 500 or 1,000s ... cause we know TnT have that kind of talent out there! Nevertheless, to our 7 finalists.... LADIES, COUNT YOURSELVES BLESSED AND TRULY GIFTED! We wish you the best tonight!

Hosting the show tonight is the ever famous and ever stylish Mr. Adrian Raymond, a personality development specialist and truly an amusing character. Co-Hosting was the Miss Trinidad and Tobago representative for the Miss World Pageant 2007 - Miss Valene Maharaj - who is simply gorgeous ... immaculate height, pearly white teeth and smooth silky hair.

When the event kicked off (we're guessing 6pm), the judges got a chance to view on the screens an individual presentation of each of the seven young ladies so as to get a chance to experience and know the persons who are crossing the stage and competing before their very eyes. The judges tonight were fashion designer Bobby Ackbaralli, make-up artist Yvonne Popplewell, radio presenter Dale Enoch, jewelry designer Jeniele McCarthy Sinanan, TV personality Dominic Kallipersad and former Miss World Giselle La Ronde. Hmmm ... interesting mix of judges.

For the first segment of the show, the contestants paraded the stage in what they called "Native Wear", which we unfortunately missed. The second segment was as usual the "Bikini/Swimwear" presentation. We didn't quite get as many photos as we would have hoped for but from my eyes, all I could have seen were smooth skin, flowing hair, defined leg muscles - a little cellulite here and there, flawless bottom cheeks, un-scarred facial features combined with strides of confidence and exuberance that would make a teenager go home and say mommy ... I don't need to finish the rest! The young ladies were amazing in their swimsuits and most fabulous strutting around on the stage.

The third segment was the "Evening Gown" presentation. Now we were expecting each contestant to have on their own unique gown, but to our disappointed eyes, they were all wearing the same evening gown. The only difference were their shoes - sponsored by Payless - and any paraphernalia and accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings or just plain nail polish. The ladies all looked quite stunning, however, we believe the level of the competition could have been raised if their wore their own evening dresses.

So after a parade of exquisite young ladies, there was a question and answer segment. The usual - you can't just be beautiful physically - you have to incorporate intelligence which enhances your physical beauty. I can't remember the exact questions asked by host Adrian Raymond - who I must say has an extraordinary talent on stage at hosting - but generally speaking the responses from the ladies were remarkable and to the point. I do believe one contestant even took the microphone from Mr. Raymond ... confidence I say ... it's a pity she did not win or maybe she came second ... ah not telling you yet ...

Adrian Raymond delighted the crowd with his "lack-luster" jokes together with his penetrating accent and tone. I particularly enjoyed in the question and answer segment where he with his "impeccable" height complained to Ms. Alyson Brown about being uncomfortable especially around Miss Kerry-Ann Murphy and decided to ask for a solution when it came to Miss Sasiya Alibert. Delightfully coming on stage, Alyson brought a white stool for Adrian who promptly stood on it while conversing with Miss O'Neil (photo). It was a cool gesture and it gave the entertainment factor for the night a whopping 5 points extra!

While the judges contemplated and deliberated on their decisions to choose four girls out of the seven; two (2) for Miss World and two (2) for Miss Universe - 1st place and Runner up - there were some presentations made by Adrian Raymond and Valene Maharaj. Firstly, Makeda O'Neil won an opportunity to show off her beauty through Calvin French's organization dealing with promoting international models and creating careers for individuals. Secondly, Gabriel Walcott won the People's Choice Award. So yeah, everybody in TnT loves you Miss Walcott ... boop boop!!!! Both contestants were rewarded with bouquets by the every ready super-T model, Luke Riberio.

Moving swiftly along, Valene Maharaj paraded the stage one last time as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago. There was also a special salute to our fantastic and ever beautiful Ms. Wendy Fitzwilliam - Miss Trinidad and Tobago and Miss Universe 1998. It was now time for the big bang bang.

Mr. Raymond proceeded to call out four (4) of the contestants - Anya Ayoung-Chee, Gabriel Walcott, June Lightbourne and Makeda O'Neil. Drum roll please ...... representing Trinidad & Tobago for Miss Universe and Miss World 2008 will be ...... Anya Ayoung-Chee and Gabriel Walcott respectively. The wonderful runners up were June Lightbourne and Makeda O'Neil respectively.

All crowns and sashes were put on by the wonderful Valene Maharaj, as well as, the over-sexy, relentlessly beautiful, scorching the runway and making your tongue wet and mind race - Ms. Maggie Walcott - she just super sexy! SUPER! Congratulations to the winners (all seven ladies are winners in our books) ... make us proud! REPRESENT!

So there we have it ... a short two and a half hour competition, only beautiful people, a little socializing in the ending ... and that was that!

Amiel - UK and T&T ... I all over
Always Forward, NEVER Backward