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Rotterdam Carnival 2008 (Ortel Mobile Zomer Carnaval)
Date: Saturday 26th July 2008
Location: Rotterdam City Centre. Leuvehoofd, Rotterdam. Holland
Promotions: Stichting Zomercarnaval Nederland, Ortel Mobil & DUCOS Productions
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So Rotterdam Carnival come and gone! Verdict: It was big! A huge success for the organization, but a bigger success for us Caribbean people. We represented for Trini to the fullest, shinning some more much needed light on our culture and music. Also, converting some more people over to the ways of the Soca lover!

Once again this year Jammasters rolled with the Trini-Connection crew and PoisonUK. Together the presentation was called "The Garden Of Eden." The crew from UK came over with a nice massive, and fuss dey like to party! The night before we had a lil pre-warm up jam in Amsterdam that was supposed to end at 3am but the ting was so hot we were there until around 5am! It was mash up! With that said, yuh could imagine the pace we started moving at the next day on the parade. All yuh could hear was "boy, dat jam last night was bad for so!"

The weather forecast for the day was okay, but in Holland yuh never know. The weather Gods must love Carnival for real because in Rotterdam the sun blazed whole day while in other cities there were reports of thunder storms! The group looked splendid in green. From start to finish all eyes were focused on the sexy women that graced the section. Photographers were actually chippin' down d road with us, not wanting to miss nothing ... priceless!

This year the Carnival was an explosion of colour and creativity. Costumes were of a very high caliber for most groups, a huge improvement from the previous year. By some creations you could see that it must have taken months of preparation to complete. Something like one million onlookers lined the streets to get a glimpse of the 51 trucks and groups carded for the day. The combination of good weather, music and the general feeling Carnival brings was more than enough (with alcohol of course) to convince even the stiffest body that it was time to move. People were dancing, waving, jumping. The Carnival atmosphere was very much present in Rotterdam on this day. Still, the group to be a part of was with the Trini's. Yeah, so what if we biased!! Who knows Carnival like we? It's such a nice thing to see the expression on the face of someone who never experienced us before. And when I say us, I mean how we get on! Ah lie?

So on a look back, evaluating the Carnival season on the European circuit so far, we two for two! Berlin (view coverage) was mad, Rotterdam was madder! In a few weeks we go see if Notting Hill could make it three for three!

Before I sign out, I have to big up Joyce, June, Kwame and Mike (DJ Cappy) from the Trini-Connection crew for all their hard work and dedication, Wendel and the PoisonUK crew for their support and love for this Carnival thing, DJ Smokey Joe (the man with the tunes), all the masqueraders and supporters for being a part of our Carnival, and last but not least, the German massive for making the trip over! It was nice! Next stop .... Notting Hill. TJJ ready ... so get yourself in order to come through and have a time with us.

Jammasaters & Herbalize-it
TJJ Family, Holland

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