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Photos By Ayana M.
Soca Parang
Date: Saturday 6th December 2008
Location: The Tic Tavern. 125-17 Rockaway Blvd. S. Ozone Park. New York
Promotions: 2B Promotions

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Hey Honey Bunches of Oats! As you all should know by now I don't like my house. smile Once the weekend rolls around, you would find me knocking about all over the place. This time I was gearing up to hit a Soca Parang party ... tis da season! TJJ gets nothing but love from the entire 2B Promotions crew, so you know we there for sure!!

We had to drive to Queens.. so a lil' after 3AM (yes, you read correctly) we were now rolling in. As usual, I was greeted with hugs n kisses from everyone, but there wasn't much time to mix and mingle, and we missed the Star Lite Seranders Parang band ... big steeuupppsss! Bummer.

With our late arrival, it was no surprise that everyone's head was bad! Lol! That stroong rum was calling boy! Whatever they had.. I want some too!! The Soca and Parang was too sweet ... Christmas was definitely in the air in this fete! Everyone was just loving themselves and I just had to take a wine on my favorite lil' Indian man ... that’s meh rhel boy!! smile

Even though the time was short, we had a blast! Sorry guys, next time 2B decides to throw a bram we peltin' we tail early! Calvon and Curtis thanks for the usual luv ... see you guys at the next one.

Text-a-holic Juice ... in search for some "Rum & Roti"!!