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Photos by Peter CQ and Yohann G.
Spice Mas 2K9 Band Launch ... "The Missing Ingredients"
Date: Saturday 19th July 2008
Location: Club Zen. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Promotions: Spice Mas
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Yes folks, up to d' time again ... band launching time that is, as we take you to yet another launch! Amazingly enough, it's the launch of another new mas band in TnT. Spice is their name and "The Missing Ingredients" is the theme they are planning to hit the streets of Trinidad with for Carnival 2009.

Tonight is a night of a little more pace and tempo than the usual. Two big events clashing and allyuh know de Juice not missing out on any action - not for rum in the world (well, we'll get back to you on that one ... *lol*)!! With game plan in mind, our first stop was the world famous Zen nightclub. Arriving there at about 11pm, entry was a breeze. Wish we could say the same for all those folks swarmed up outside, anxiously awaiting to get in.

The plan was to get in, take some flicks of the mas presentation and get out in the least amount of time as possible. No time for stickin’ or so we thought, because with a complimentary bar on Zen Rooftop, folks socializing and nuff smallies passing by, it looked like we would be here longer than expected!! Always some curve balls, eh?

With a constant eye on the clock, the highlight of the night kicked off around 11:30pm. With all lights beaming on stage, a huge jar labeled “Spice” was unveiled. As the announcer introduced each section, the two chefs on stage rotated the jar which released sexy, attractive and sizzling models portraying Spice's 2K9 Mas Presentation. The audience definitely showed signs of excitement, but its when the lights were all turned off and the stunning costumes lit up (see photos 96 and 120), it was then that folks really went wild ... some even left in awe. We must say, that was actually a first - costumes that light up, quite unique!!

When the main presentation wrapped up, the models then took the show up to Zen Rooftop for a more personal and intimate showing. Here many of the big names in the mas business along with some of TnT who's who all viewed and commented alike. After taking the opportunity to get a couple more up close photos of the models, we slowly started making tracks towards the exit.

Question, "Is everyone ready to cook up a storm with this variety of sexy and sizzling ingredients?" We know Spice is! For more info log on to www.spicecarnival.com. Countless recipes await you there!!

D' local Juice saying next stop … ISLANDpeople's Caution!