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Photos by Neil B. & Mr. Benz
Supernova ... Stars of Soca
Date: Saturday 28th June 2008
Location: DC Amory - RFK Stadium. Washington, DC
Promotions: Knockboyz
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After a good jump up on the road at the parade earlier today, the TJJ Crew (well most of us) were ready to go the distance. We made our way down to the DC Carnival fete Supernova, held at the US Amory, RFK Stadium on the Saturday night. When we walked into the fete, we expected a packed audience as the hype around Bunji Garlin's performance these days can draw huge crowds from all over. But this was not the case ... were we early? The large venue (which had the potential of holding everybody in DC), had a nice setting and enough seating for approximately 2000 people. The stage was well laid out and security was tight (rhel tight). Now the bar was like ah half ah mile away, making the early arrivers appear even more scanty, that's to tell yuh just how big this venue was.

Fete-go'ers began strolling in, all having similar looks, as if to ask the same questions - What's going on here? Where de massives? But the night was still young. On the up side, music playing and waist throwing. So guess what? We were ready for the action!

As the night lingered on, the crowd slowly trickled in and the excitement was building up around KES The Band - a last minute addition to the cast. We too were excited, especially since TJJ's Panidad "5 Minutes With Kees" interview out in LA last month. Kees literally brought everyone to their feet as his energetic performance rocked the house. And for those who were there, allyuh remember when he picked up de big ting? Wow ... but he handle it though!!! smile Much respect to Kees and his band ... allyuh hold down de fort. Nice job as always!

By 2AM, Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons took to the stage, and as expected, had everybody jumping and waving from the get go with their high energy performance. We know Bunji is a man of the people, if 10 people show up, Bunji performing for them! And the crowd at hand loved him. Now as we mentioned at Tampa Bay Carnival'08, Faye-Ann really has come a long way since the start of her career. With fantastic stage presence, she appealed tremendously to the crowd and kept them hyped for most of the night.

Flanked by the original Scarface, The Asylum Band also gave a spectacular performance. He kept the energetic flow rolling, and the patrons present did not let the absentees spoil their party. And when Duvone Stewart, one of the baddest panists to-date showed up, well it was madness! His act of playing our famed national instrument, the Steel Pan, upside down, is taking crowds by storm. This just goes to show that Garlin and his Asylum crew know how to perform and give fete-go'ers what they want ... no short change! To close out their performance, Bunji and Faye-Ann had patrons running back and forth in ecstasy, even throwing powder in de place. Everyone was getting on rhel bad and waving every flag they could find, especially when Faye-Ann sang her 2008 Road March "Get On". By this time, the crowds were hyped and did not want the party to finish ... and we were loving it.

As the lights came on, and the reigning TnT Soca Monarch champ made his way off the stage, the crowd didn't want to leave .... but choices were limited at this hour. That said, for those who were there, we know you had a great time. Let's see what Knockboyz packages for next year DC Carnival. As for now, we going to get ready for Shine DC ... we love ah Breakfast Party, yes!

JoyJuice out!

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