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TABOO 2008 "DC Carnival's Premier All-Inclusive Experience"
Date: Friday 27th June 2008
Location: The Broadwater Estate. Maryland
Promotions: Gresham Entertainment
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What's up my Kings and Queens?! DC Carnival is famous for many things and the one thing that immediately comes to mind when talking about it is TABOOOOOOOO!

Oh man, oh man ... where to start about this All Inclusive fete? Should I start with the beautifully lit pool (oh, the usual taboo lighting or float in the pool was missed this year)? No no can't start with that ... well what about the bar and friendly bartenders? Mmmn no not that either ... the beautiful people? Yes, I think I will start there! From the time you enter The Broadwater Estate, you are treated like you are being escorted into a super exclusive fete; police checking to see if all have tickets, people flagging you down where to park and being ushered into the fete, where the first thing you see are people offering you drinks to start your night off right.

Beautifully dressed people and beautiful scenery (we expected a lot more blue lighting and decor with the whole "Blu Carnival" concept n' all) consisting of a nicely lit pool and food tents, this fete never disappoints, however there were some things that did put likkle nicks in my fete time. Ladies, you know I got you! First thing to remember for next year - no heels at this event because if you're like me, you sank into the grass and had to toss your shoes next day! If you are feeling adventurous and wearing stilettos though, make sure and stay by the pool with the concrete floor and have some nice fella go to the bar and get your refreshments for the evening!

Like the past few years, for those of you who weren't looking to hear Soca for most of the night, there was a special stage set down the vast property that played straight Reggae/Dancehall. This was accompanied by the food tents and another bar. Ladies, if you were trying to go down the hill and say hi to your friends like I did, I know you know what I'm talking about when I say, "Lawd that hill steep!" But somehow the chunes spun by Richie D and friends made it worth it! smile

For all the Soca Junkies, Sprang Int'l was spinning for most of the night accompanied by guest DJs (direct from Trinidad) Jugglers (Barry) and Radioactive (DJ Dane and Mr. Hypa Hoppa himself) with BET host Jeanille all setting the mood for dancing into the wee hours of the morning. One definitely needed refreshments while wining low to the ground, so I made my way over to the bar and was greeted by the nicest set of bartenders you would ever meet. Serving up drinks to everyone with a smile and staying on point with the big crowd and big orders, these guys were 'fantabulous'. Big up to meh special bartender friend, Richard! Thanks for hooking me up!

All in all, the fete was nice, the music sweet and you know that no Taboo fete is complete without having someone jump in the pool ... or in this case several someone's!! smile Taboo, you too nice! See you next year!

- Mix Juice

ps. If yuh looking for your pair of shorts (photo), call the TJJ Lost & Found Dep't!! *lol*

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