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Photos By Suzette B.
The Hills 'Premium All Inclusive'
Date: Friday 26th December 2008
Location: Crews Inn. Chaguaramas. Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: The Movement
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The best word to describe The Hills is "HOT". Everything was HOT that night ... from the temperature to the venue to the music. And, as promised in Scorch, the ladies were definitely HOT!

Trini Christmas really is the best and this party was the place to be to see everyone we 'foreign-used' were missin' when abroad. It was like everyone hear bout this party and show up, cuz we see people we eh see in donkey years. What a pleasant welcome back home.

DJs XTC and Dane & Hypa Hoppa (Radioactive) got the crowd going throughout the night with a mix of new soca, old calypso, reggae and of course sweet oldies to make sure everybody was dancing. Drinks were flowing from every direction ... well-stocked bars and well-selected promotions kept the party lively.

Not even intermittent rain could dampen the mood, and the party was still goin' on into the early morning. It's a good thing the music truck in the car park eventually guided everyone back to their cars, cuz without it people probably wouldn't have left!

On vacation from South FL,
Freckles for the TJJ fam