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Photos by Kerra R.
Toronto Revellers 2K8 Band Launch "Alkebu'lan ... Beyond the Nile"
Date: Saturday 10th May 2008
Location: The Armenian Community Centre. Toronto
Promotions: Toronto Revellers Mas Band
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As designer’s are adding their final touches, and costume-maker's are prepping for this long awaited Caribana season, the 2007 Band of the Year Toronto Revellers are presenting "Alkebu'lan ... Beyond the Nile" at The Armenian Community Centre hosted by NBA player Jamaal Magloire (now with the Dallas Mavericks).

The doors opened at 9pm, so TJJ was there to see the first set of fete-go'ers walk through the door. People came out in numbers, whether they were aunties or teenagers, they were all in attendance to see what the Toronto Revellers had in store for 2K8. The music was pumpin' from early with DJ Chief, Soca Monarchs and TnT Sounds spinnin' de tracks.

As the crowd patiently awaited the presentation of the costumes, individuals playing the drums got the show started. Miss Queen of the Islands Canada and the contestants of the pageant were all present and graced the stage as each one of them added a lil' spice to the evening. Martin Scott-Pascall's dance group, Dance Caribe, dressed in African attire (nicely flowing with the theme), also performed a spectacular number. Once their performance was completed, the much anticipated costume presentation began. The models came out section by section, displaying beautiful colours with endless beads and feathers. Each section exhibited a design that complimented the theme and the costumes looked stunning as they were emphasized under the lights. There were ten (10) sections in the band, including Caribbean Vibrations host Royette's section "A Diamond In The Rough" and Ian Espinet's "Kmet – The Origin Of Life." This band surely catered to all individuals as their models were of all shapes and sizes. So no matter what frame (or bumper *lol*) you have, they got something haaaawt and sexy for you!!!!!!!!!

Once the show was over, fete-go'ers had a lil' over an hour to fete. Although the bar closed early, the alcohol consumed earlier in the night was now kickin' in!! smile We partied until about minutes to 3 before fete-go'ers started chippin' out de door. As each group walked out, you could feel their eagerness to be on the road Caribana Saturday! We Reeeeeeady fuh mas again!!!!

Be sure to handle your business early because once they sell-off, talk done!!! Band registration & section information available at

-- Mizz Kayz