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Photos By Amiel B. & Damon H.
UK TRIBE Launch Party
Date: Saturday 23rd August 2008
The Camden Centre. London, UK
Promotions: TRIBE Carnival

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What's up my Kings and Queens? It's your girl Mix Juice, back fresh from her first Notting Hill Carnival! After touching down on Saturday, I geared up for the highly anticipated drinks inclusive UK TRIBE fete. Now this party was even causing a buzz in the US, so I already knew I was going to be in for a treat.

As I entered "The Aviary" at Camden Centre, I was greeted by stuffed exotic birds and beautiful fresh flowers which set the mood perfectly for the night of bashment ahead. The line for registration was crazy! It's no wonder why this band sold out in record time. In between trips to the bar, I even heard that people from the US and from Trini were linking their UK friends and fam to try and get them into "Birds of a Feather". 2K9 is going to be crazy!

Ok, drink in hand, family and friends in tow, it's time to get down to business ... wining business that is! I could barely keep my waist from moving because straight from Toronto, spinning all the wikid chunes was D'Bandit! I tell you, if you haven't heard this man spin or heard his podcast, you need to hurry up and Google him, or better yet, visit him at Large up Barry (Jugglers), Trevor Davis (Hot 96) and all the other DJs that blessed the dance.

Ok so hello, yay to the bar. These bartenders were on point. I didn't have to wait longer than a minute to get served and they were so polite. These English boys really know how to treat a gyal. Minutes to one, the lights dimmed and it was show time. Gracing the stage were the TRIBE models decked out in their gorgeous costumes. I finally got to see what my section, Wild Parrot, looked like up close and it's fierce! Again, 2K9 is going to be crazy! Not too long after the masqueraders paraded around on stage, the Lyrics King and the Lyons Empress took to the stage, pumping their raw energy into the crowd! Fay-Ann ... get on, get on get on! Bunji ... wheeeeey! For a split second I truly lost myself and thought that I was in Trinidad.

As you can probably tell from the pictures (see photo), I had a great time. I am officially in love with London and with the TRIBE UK family! I felt as though I was at a family reunion meeting new TJJers and being greeted with hugs and good vibes! Big up Dre (UK), Amiel, D'Bandit, Mateen (Busspepper) and all of the London crew. smile

- Mix Juice sippin' on English tea with pinky up in the air!

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