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Photos by Ayana M.
Wuk & Wine 2 Boat Ride "Bajan & Trini"
Date: Saturday 19th July 2008
Location: Circle Line Cruises - Pier 83. NYC, NY
Promotions: 2B Promotions & Dickeyman Productions

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Hey Honey Bunches of Oats! Lawd, de heat in NYC is unbearable right now. As soon as yuh step foot outside yuh feel like running back inside to be under the air-con. It's just sticky and misty all over. We were on our way to cover another one of 2B Promotions annual boatrides, and were quite excited because I've been hearing a lot of good things about them. This time around, they teamed up with Dickey Productions, so it was double the excitement.

Well boy humph, it seems like I took a little longer than usual to get ready. I was sooo pressed for time. All I keep saying was, "Lawd, please don't make meh miss de boat!!" I'm in a cab and I swear this man was trying to provoke meh. My boy taking he cool time cruising down the road. At this point I was soo heated, and was two seconds away from buffing de cab driver. Then my boy decide to pull up by a gas station. I'm still trying not to explode ... taking deep breaths at this point. After 45 minutes of misery, we finally pull up to the pier, and believe it or not, I was about the third to last person to board. I was so relieved.

As soon as I linked with the crew, I'm seeing two long lines. In my head, I'm like but they move de bar or wha? Nope, this was the line for food. Mind you, the bar area was empty at this point. This is a first for me, and I actually thought twice about joining the line. I'm strolling along now, socializing, then I realized that half of the people that spoke to me, I didn’t understand them. Sorry, I’m just not use to the Baje accent yet peoples! smile I doing all kinda head nods because I didn't understand one thing they were saying. How TJJ ga make out for Crop Over??!! *lol* Big up to the BIM crew!!!

The boat had an enormous turnout ... people for days, lawd fadda! With the bad weather and all of those people I was expecting some mellow vibes at first - you should all know how that goes - but, there was no calm before this storm! All kinda waist rollin, wukkin up ... you name it! These people really know how to enjoy themselves. I took a lil' break and I was liming by the Trinibago Massive rhythm section, and I notice this cooler. I gone with my fass self and open the people ting and it was filled with energy drinks (photo) ... now I'm like, "Or horrrr, this is where their energy coming from!" smile

The DJ's definitely made sure that the energy was everlasting. The music was was on point. They played everything from Salsa to Chutney. Foreign Bass, Hardcore Bajan and ECP all took turns on the wheels to make sure everyone was having a time. I finally got some food now, and oh my goodness it was sooo good. Yah, I love my belly!!! *lol* On my way back, I ran into a man who just couldn't deal with the heat any more! My boy was bareback! But wait, he even had a lil' iron hanger to hang up he shirt, as he cooled himself off! Only in NY, oui! *lol*

I haven't been around a crowd with this much energy in a long long time. The vibes was just flowing it didn't die down at all. Don't talk bout when they started to play some Bajan Soca! If yuh see jamishness!!!
As we were leaving the boat, I'm walking with one had on meh back ... fuss mah lil' bumsie was rolling! Like I couldn't take de pressure. *lol* I had a lot of high expectations about this boat, and it met every last one of them!!

Text-a-holic Juice

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