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6 Degrees Of Separation Boat Cruise
Date: Saturday 21st February 2009
Location: The Jolly Roger. Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Promotions: Fahrenheit Promotions, Leasel & Clockie
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Let the Good Times Roll

So we checking out the 6 Degrees of Separation boat ride for the first time. Yes we know jus how action packed our carnival itinerary already is, but a good friend of TJJ invited us, so what the heck ... we'll give it a try! The love we have for Carnival is ten strong!! smile

Now we were told the boat was boarding at noon, and the flyer said leaving at 1pm SHARP! So the ladies of Jungle Juice got ready with a quickness and rushing to the boat to get there just before 1pm. Right, we reach on time, we good. But wait, we seem to have one small problem - there's no other cars and there's no boat ..... hmmm!

So we take a lil' nap in the car ... we then see the promoters and the boat. Nice. We then see some partygoers starting to trickle in ... looks like there's a boat ride after all. I wish someone gave us the memo that they meant 1pm Trini time, cos around 3pm, the boat was full of people and we were on our way.

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Photos By Lia H.
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Well let me tell you, it was well worth the wait! This boat ride turned out to be a surprising highlight to our Carnival. It was up there with Beach House and Vale as one of the best events for the Carnival week.

De captain set the tone of the party .... he start off the boat ride by serenading us with a song. What song? "I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk you could say wha yuh want!!" And then proceeded to steer the boat while pretending to be drunk (see photo)! No one told us that the cruise came with a comedy show too, yes! smile It was the perfect way to spend our Carnival Saturday afternoon.

The crowd was just the right size to create a family type environment. And by the end of the boat ride, it felt like everyone was your friend. We even met some visitors from Jamaica who said they got word of the boat ride from TJJ and decided to give it a try as well ... and they too had no regrets.

The music was right on point with Back to Basics and Jugglers on the 1s and 2s. Dem DJs had de people going mad for true ... dat was bacchanal! Even when rain started coming down, people didn't stop the fete, they just moved the jamming to the inside.

Everyone was getting on dutty on de boat, even the security staff! The security man was having so much fun jamming on a gyal that he didn't care if bossman saw his picture on TJJ (see photo). He said de wine was worth losing his job and he made sure he corrected us that it wasn't one wine he took from she, but two! Jokes for days, yes!!

This fete had all the elements of what makes a great party - good music, good people (gotta love that "one love" feeling), good vibes and of course the Jolly Roger (good venue). I mean, this boat ride was so sweet that at one time we really felt like we were "High, high, high on the music!!"

This cruise gets the TJJ 2 thumbs up and will be on our must attend list for 2010 and beyond! Thanks for having us.

-Sweet Passion Juice