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Ancil & Annmarie's Breakfast Party
Date: Friday 3rd July 2009
Location: Private Residence. Hemlock Hill Dr. Houston, TX
Promoters: Ancil & Annmarie

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Houston has Backyard Party at the Crack of Dawn

If you left Ultra Glo and still feeling hyped up (or haunted) then the party can continue at Ancil & Annmarie Backyard Breakfast Party. A fete worth its weight in gold.

This party is free (that's correct), PLUS you getting FREE BREAKFAST too! How are you going to beat that? We arrived around 5:30AM, nice and toasty from the last party, and got easy parking in the church yard next door; it is a good thing that service doesn't start till later! smile

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Photos By Stephen W. Choo Quan

If you went straight to the bar, you would have realized that the well stocked bar was a “paid as you go” bar. Wait, allya want FREE DRINKS too?? smile Uncle Johnnie was taking his early morning walk, which is important for us Scotch lovers. And it was nice to see everyone lined up in an orderly fashion when breakfast was served. Nothing like some hot bake & saltfish to start off your day!! We stood there on the lawn, in the warm open air as if we were back in the Caribbean at 6am, with the music (provided by Orlando's DJ Rene at the time) slowly getting louder as daylight broke. We could not believe it ... NO POLICE to shut down the fete ... stress free Breakfast Party in Houston! This is fantastic!!

The temperature was perfect at that time of the morning, not too cold ... not too hot. The crowd varied in age, starting at the drinking age limit (whatever that is in your culture) to our parent’s age. Drinks were flowing. Everyone was having good time. You know when you see people rolling around on the grass and a woman on top ... that is a good time, no doubt about that!

We were too tired to recall all the DJ’s in the dance, but we must big up Fire Kyle who was kind enough to take us home before the full boom of the midday sun. Ancil, thanks for having TJJ over to your house for an up-close and personal with all of the insomniacs of Houston, Texas.

Son of the Caribbean soil,
Original Lime Flavor

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