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A.W.O.L "Ah Lime Without Limits" 2009
Date: Tuesday 17th February 2009
Location: West Palm Hotel. Chaguaramas, Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: A.W.O.L Productions
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A.W.O.L moves Poolside

It's Tuesday before carnival and well I ready for my next All Inclusive smash down!

Well big steuwpsssss! Ah reach late ... oh well. This year, A.W.O.L was held at the West Palm Hotel, and from what I observed through the fuzz it was quite fabulous, however I didn't care for the lil' hill climb though. But wha yuh go do ... is Trinidad!! That ain't stop the lakaray at all. Me and meh crew well dressed to the nines and each made b-lines for the various bars and cocktail stations. Ehem, well we had to catch up to the rest of the massive whom were already on their way to "Saucy City"!

I decided it was going to be a Vodka night and the little cutie pie bartender was very attentive. Before the night done ah drink Vodka n' everyting yuh could say! Lawd! Food? What food? I ain't see a plate yet! Allyuh doh laugh nuh ... this fete always has the topper top of food but I ain't find it yet. smile Every time I tried to make my way to one of the many food tents, de bar kept calling me ... hehe. But I hear dey had bake & shark, curry chicken, roti, stew chicken, fish broth and more.

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Photos By Lia H. & Yohann G.
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I did teeter around to meet and greet, you know how we do sometimes. NY, T-Dot, MIA and locals were in full effect! In fact most of the action was poolside. Folks were winin low, jumping up high, it was pure madness by de poolside! Some folks even jumped in de pool ... wheeeey!

The music was awesome. There is just something about knowing that in exactly a week you'll be chippin' in the hot sun wondering why the hell Carnival is not everyday! Big up High Fidelity/Less than Zero. Oh and D'Bandit and Back to Basics put the smash on this fete. I was told I joined a conga line poolside, but I am in total denial btw. One thing though, I accidentally discovered Kerry, our favorite percussionist beating the ish outta some drums, and I wondered why he was tucked away like a secret. We would have liked to see him on a platform in the pool or something. Anywho, I done mark my calendar for next year! This fete gettin' better each year folks.

Next stop ... Eyes Wide Shut.

Petite out!

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