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Bacchanal Wednesday 2009
Date: Wednesday 18th February 2009
Location: The Hanger. Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Promotions: ZEN

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Machel Pushes "Wild Antz" for Road March

What's up my Kings and Queens? It's your girl Mix Juice fresh off the plane and on the scene at Bacchanal Wednesday. For those of you newcomers, this fete is mus reach come Carnival Wednesday!! (see The Appraiser's 2008 review for the history of this fete)

This year wasn't as ram as last year, which was probably due to the *cough cough* recession and ting ting ting, but still I found my vibe over in the back at the bar to the right. My peeps know what I'm talking about! No line at the bar either!! The great part about Bacchanal Wednesday, I have to say, was the VIP area. Bar service was toppa top and there was prime viewing potential for everyone who wanted to see the show. Backstage, I was particularly fond of the promoters giving artists their own tents. When we walked back there for interviews, I felt a sense of security and privacy which I'm sure the artists appreciated as well.

I actually enjoyed the size and quality of this year's Bacchanal Wednesday crowd as well. Having lots of local models together with some of the country's movers and shakers kept the vibes jiggy. We also spotted celebs like Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliams and AJ Calloway (Extra) enjoying themselves inside de bacchanal.

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Photos By Lia H. & Peter C.Q.
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Kes the Band with Nadia got the crowd moving early o'clock. Destra, Saucy and Alison tore the place up with their hit song "Obsessive Winers". I really love seeing when singers collaborate, especially 3 super powerhouses like that. TJJ TV even caught up with Soca Chutney star Ravi B (Karma) backstage ... well, I was just singing "Jep Sting Naina" whole day!

Things that were odd and surprising ... no fireworks this year. Boooooo!! There were flying contraptions in the air with people in them ... no, not planes! They looked like little parachutes, not sure what those were, but I sure felt like big brother was watching! And for the first time ever ever ever, I saw people walk out (not literally) of a Machel Montano performance. This has never happened in the history of me seeing the man perform. People actually left before and during HD's performance! I'm not sure what happened .... perhaps it was the techno set he did? Or maybe the HD band simply came on too late (after 3am)? Still I enjoyed seeing my HD and boogied until the wee hours of the morn. Montano started his 1st main wave of brainwashing, ending his performance with an extended version of "Wild Antz", as he told the remaining fetegoers, "This is your Road March!"

The last of the TJJ team crawled out of Chaguaramas at daybreak looking for a Thrusday morning newpapers man in St. James, but ended up on Maraval Road ole talking with the doubles man about starting up a "drive-thru/curb-side" service.

Yes ... everything on it, slight peppa tuh go please!!

-Mix Juice
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