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Photos By Lyn-Marie S. & Nick G.
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Baje International 2009 Band Launch
Date: Friday 12th June 2009
Location: Red Rock Bar & Bistro. Barbados W.I.
Promotions: Baje International

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Revelers!!!! The Crop Over count down is on and the BAJE 2009 season has officially started!

On June 12th 2009, Baje International launched their 2009 Crop Over band “Fire and Ice” at the mas camp at Red Rock Cafe (at Time Out in the Gap). With this being Baje's 10th year in mas, all of the revelers were out in full force to get the first peek at costumes, to have a nice lime and to get into the crop over spirit!

The band is definitely on "fire" again with new smoking hot Baje girls and 7 stunning sections for the revelers to choose from!

As per the Baje tradition, the bar was fully stocked and loaded with happy hours drink specials. Mouthwatering food was on sale all night long and the dj's were blazing tune all night, getting everyone in a festive mood.

Now ladies and gents, as per usual Baje Int'l has a number of events lined up for the Crop Over season, with various "recessionary deals". For more info log on to the website or Facebook for updates.

Lyn for the TJJ fam