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Beach House Carnival 2009
Date: Thursday 19th February 2009
Location: Brechin Castle Golf Course. Couva , Trinidad
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Beach House continues its reputation as a MUST fete of Carnival week

I know I say it for almost every fete, but this one is a definite DOH MISS! We started our journey to the new venue at Brechin Castle in Couva (yes, Couva) in the early afternoon, a little after 2pm. Of course we had to make several pit stops to pick up the crew, and before we knew it, one of our cars decided to abandon the Beach House mission because of the time factor. Yes, the traffic was thick like moss, and catching daylight makes this fete 10 times better than no daylight at all. So if you're serious about this fete, leave your house by 12 noon if you live more than 10-15 miles away from the venue.

Now, the question of the hour: Was it worth the drive to Couva? The answer is hell flippin' yeah!!! Even though the drive was a good pull, and we had to park like three miles away. Once we saw the huge BEACH HOUSE sign, we forgot the frustration and was eager to get our fete on! This new venue might actually be better than the Maracas, St. Joseph venue ... larger and more spacious, and the even surface dance area in the middle (which was nicely lit) kept a good feel party vibe right thru.

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Photos By Lia H. & Yohann G.
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I have to say, drinks were really on point at this event. We never had to wait and the bartenders were pretty easy on the eyes ... SCORE! After sampling a few of the assorted cocktails, we made a b-line for the food. Another SCORE because the menu was sumptious, well laid out and organized. Everyone sampled a lil' bit of everything and there were satisfied faces all around. We had Thai Coconut Chicken, Pad Thai, Stew Pork, Jerk Chicken, Corn Soup, Doubles, Accra, Cassava, Salad, Curry, Shrimp of all varieties ... ahem, I don't need to go on nah ... you get the point! smile

Please don't think that all we did was eat and drink. Winery was in full swing! Them DJ's made it a point to mash up the crowd. Large up XTC and and the "Trini Technician" Jus Jase for throwing down a nice selection of chunes. Winery was at it's finest, and most wotless! You should have seen all the smiling and winin'. Big up to the Martinique and Cayman crews on the inside. Every two steps we took we had to buss a wine with someone or for that song that just made us feel like everyday is carnival. Bacchanal fuh so!

Ladies, the hot guys all got the memo this year because dayummm me, and the ladies almost caught whiplash. Lawd geeezussss! And fellas, the ladies were on their A-game too. Sexy too bad!

The food did eventually start to run out around 9-ish but I don't think most folks cared. The drinks kept flowing, so the wining kept on going! We would not change a thing!! Yes, one had to travel past Chaguanas, Chase Village and Freeport to get to this one, but the fete was ram so it's obvious that Beach House fans are willing to drive to behind God back if they have to because this is one fete that never disappoints. Beach House will remain a TJJ TnT Carnival staple!

Who say Beach House 2010!!!


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