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BMW 7 Series Launch
Date: Friday 29th May 2009
Location: Bavarian Motors Showroom. Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: Bavarian Motors

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Friday 29th May 2009 saw the launch of the flagship of BMW, the BMW 7 Series at Bavarion Motors Trinidad 23 - 25 Phillip Street Port – of – Spain. Bavarion Motors being the importer for BMW and Mini vehicles have been operating in Trinidad for the last five years. Some of the accolades of Bavarion Motors are the launch of the Second Generation BMW X5 Sport Activity vehicle in 2007, the Sport activity Coupe BMW X6 in 2008 and the BMW 5 Series as mentioned by Mr. Shiraz Ahamad, Chairman of Bavarion Motors Limited.

Trini Jungle Juice had the opportunity to be among the first to experience the elegance of the new BMW 7 Series. Now there are several models of the BMW 7 Series the 740i, 740Li, 750i, 750Li and the 730d. We were given a closer look at the BMW 7 Series 740Li. The enhanced elegance, uncompromised comfort and a luxurious interior compared to the previous model. The new BMW 7 Series possesses a slight difference in terms of overall design. It is a mere 14 cm longer, offering greater legroom and better access thanks to a slightly longer rear door.

The BMW 740Li is powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine from the N54 family. It produces 326hp at 5,800rpm and 450Nm of torque at 1,500rpm, which is slightly higher than the version of the engine installed in the 135i and 335i. 0 to 100km/h acceleration takes only 5.9 seconds.

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Photos By Cass S.
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When the time came to go for a test drive I was among the first to grab the opportunity to experience this beast of a vehicle. On entering the vehicle, the Sales Executive explained that there is no longer a need to insert the key into the ignition – the vehicle automatically recognises when the key is present, enabling the engine to be turned on with a simple push of the start/stop button. Also he gave a brief overview on the Black Panel Technology and touched a bit on the IDrive system which is new and improved for the BMW 7 Series. It is like a joystick that controls everything from the radio to your address book and navigation system.

The test drive took us onto Ariapita Avenue up to the savannah. There we got to feel the power of the vehicle it was barely going forty km and you sank into the seat. More a chauffeur vehicle the Sales Executive explained. There were options such as Driving Dynamic Control which is a new function for the BMW 7 Series. You can adjust it with just a touch of a button which is ideally placed in the front center of the car. You have the option of changing between four setup modes comfort, normal, sport and sport plus. So on one hand you have a very comfortable vehicle, I guess for when you’re in the daily traffic that we seem to encounter from time to time and also the sporty setup for when you make that run to South.

For further information on the BMW 7 Series visit Bavarion Motors located at 23-25 Phillip Street, Port of Spain or if you’re in South Trinidad, visit 19 Todd Street, San Fernando. Or

For TriniJungleJuice, rolling in de 7 Series...
I’m Cass Stuart signing out. Peace!!